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Sun, Sea & Sand. Beach Photo shoot, Dublin

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Doesn't this girl look beautiful with her debs dress submerged in the water?

I love the contrast between the elegance of the dress and the water. It's an unexpected twist for this pre debs session. Let's face it you don't expect to go swimming in a dress!

Of course nobody has to get into the water if they don't fancy it! There are plenty of options out of the water. To just use the beach, the sand & the rocks. Or just to wade in the water (Seapoint photo shoot Dublin)

In Dublin the water is COLD. That said, lots of people love a sea swim here!

Many of my favorite nearby sea locations are close to home in Blackrock Dublin. There are Seapoint, Sandycove, and the Forty Foot.

Perfect locations for a beach photo shoot Dublin.

It is better when the beach is quiet, and many people definitely prefer to be away from the public gaze!

In that case, it is important to pick a low tide time where it is possible to walk a distance to the water's edge.

The light and the colors on the water have been mesmerizing, particularly at golden hour, that's about two hours after sunrise or before sunset.

Beach sessions are perfect for family sessions, letting the children play naturally on the beach, even take a family swim.

I love a mix of up close and personal portraits, as well as to pull back and capture your interactions at a distance, capturing the beauty of the seascape.

The sea can be a wonderful, dynamic backdrop for all kinds of portraits. Ever a romantic setting, the ocean can really bring a special moment alive.

Whether it be engagement, couples, maternity or a special occasion like the debs & graduation at the end of the school year, a beach shoot in Dublin can preserve special moments forever.

With any outdoor lifestyle or family photography session Dublin, it's important to know you can dress up or keep it really casual.

From ripped jeans to ball gowns, whatever rocks your world. Many of my photo shoots allow plenty of time for wardrobe changes.

There is no need to worry too much about make up being perfect or hair as I can fix up blemishes in Photoshop. All my pictures are carefully edited but still look natural.

Have a good week

Cara x

portrait of young woman in debs dress submerged in the sea

portrait of a woman in dress surrounded by water

black & white portrait, woman in dress in ocean

woman on beach in embroidered dress

young woman twirling on beach in a debs dress

woman fanning out hair lying on sand

young woman next to beach parasol

debs portrait with young woman by a sand dune

young woman portrait in golden sunlight

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