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Emotive family portraits. Girl with all the apples.

These pictures were taken of this beautiful girl under an old apple tree in our garden in Dordogne, France, over a summer holiday.

My gorgeous girl! (if I don't say so myself!)

Here you can see the apples are literally crammed into every inch of the old tree, that has been growing on the edge of the meadow since I was a little girl! I have always loved to use trees, plants & flowers as backdrops to my emotive family portraits. That's why gardens & parks are a top choice of location for family photo shoots in Dublin. You can see more outdoor photo shoots done under the shade of trees HERE.

And here is a recent picture of my girl & her younger cousin balancing apples on their heads. I love to use props found naturally in the environment in child & family portraits.

two sisters balancing apples on their heads in the woods

It's fun to take natural spontaneous & emotive family portraits in the evening after dinner on holiday. No planning necessary, just walking into the meadow in front of the house & making the most of pictures when in the mood!

Florence had been on a bike ride and had barely time to change. That's why she's in her cycle shorts as well as a bikini top! This really was a casual, no frills portrait session with my daughter!

With teenagers & older children, the best pictures happen when a child or teenager is RELAXED in front of the camera, where moments come together naturally. I like to shoot quickly so there is little or no time for self consciousness. The moment has already flown by!

You can see more of Florence on a casual summer flower meadow portraits.

Also in my Long Hot Summer Photo Shoot. These are both taken in the same meadow outdoor location.

For graduation & debs photography Dublin, photo shoots can be scheduled before, after, or on the special day itself. They can be glitz & glamour (on the day) or they can be much more low key (after the event). I love to take authentic pictures of young adults & teenagers, particularly as I a mum to teenagers and adults myself now!

If you prefer ripped jeans & casual T shirts over ballgowns & glitter, we can go for a casual shoot in an outdoor location in nature you love. Take a stroll in a favorite location, beach or Dublin park. The mountains are also not too far away.

In this generation, where there is so much social media & I.G, it's great to have a family portrait you can hold in your hand. Print, frame & hang on the wall. Or make an album up!

It takes about 1-2 weeks to get your best pictures after a family photography Dublin or lifestyle session with me. I put the best moments in a professional online gallery with a personalized cover. I have a range of photo shoot packages to choose from so you won't be stuck for choice.

I am an award winning, professional lifestyle & family photographer Dublin. Contact me to ask me about Dublin photo shoots including special occasions like debs & graduation photography

Cara x

young beautiful woman with an apple tree behind

beautiful woman by an apple tree bursting with fruit

young woman dancing in front of an apple tree bursting with apple

beautiful young woman disappearing into branches of apples

stunning young woman with apples portrait

stunning young woman captured next to an apple tree, candid award winning portrait

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