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Child & Family Portraits. Woodlands

Updated: Jan 16

It's been a busy week!

It was delightful to do a family photography session with these children in a woodland with a very enchanted feel.

Child portraits under the trees in a sombre light under the canopy of trees

I love to shoot in half-dark. When the light isn't too bright it can be very flattering for family portraits. That's also why if there is a family session Dublin in the middle of the day, I will often seek the shade of a tree or a building

This Stourhead woodland outing with this family brings back wonderful memories of childhood unplugged. At its very best.

I love the intimate portraits from this session. I look out for expression & gesture. My child & baby portraits are very natural & candid

Children exploring the beautiful woodlands together, connecting with old and new trees. Climbing trees. Playing in their boughs.

Children dressed up in fancy dress costumes, just for gigs.

The girls had Ariel Mermaid dresses complete with orange wigs that were discarded at some point as they got so tangled!

Just children being children.

Using props from the woodland outing as a storytelling aspect of a family portrait to treasure.

Leaves, grapes, apples from the picnic. Using the backdrop of bark and flowers for attractive child portraits

Trees create different & versatile opportunities for light and framing. There were plenty of ways to frame a picture between the branches of trees.

Or to use the backdrop of bark & trunk for portraits

At the moment, too, Dublin parks & wooded areas are particularly beautiful. Flush with autumn colors.

Killiney hill Dublin is great for wooded family photo shoots Dublin

The trees come in a variety of colors too when they shed their leaves, adding a different mood. From fiery red, deep burgundy, and silvery leaved canopies.

Gorgeous filtered natural light through the branches. Seasonal color for expressive child & family portraits!

Check out my variety of packages, starting from one hour for family photography Dublin. My Fly On The Wall is for extended sessions where I capture a slice of your day. From home, to taking a stroll in a favorite place, including newborn at home.

I have won international awards for my family & lifestyle photography Dublin, and have over 10 years photographing families. Including natural newborn at home

There is a special place in my heart for timeless, soulful black & white family photography. Otherwise I do love rich, natural color.

My photo shoots include travel to the location & the duration of the shoot. It also includes downloading the pictures and going through & selecting all the best moments from the session. The pictures are all soft edited which means I check them for color, temperature, brightness, contrast

About a week to 10 days after your session, I will present all the best candid moments from your family's session in a professional, online viewing gallery with a personalized cover

You can take your time marking your faves with a Heart

There are plenty of package options to choose from.

You can go for a half gallery or full gallery option. You can choose a digital package only or go for a package that includes printed products.

Albums, fine art books & mounted print boxes can all be personalized. There is a range of beautiful leather & fabric covers in neutral or deep color shades. Red, blue, green.

So many variety of finishes!

I also use a professional, high quality print service in Dublin for gallery quality mat & sheen printing

As well as families, I also do engagement & couples, maternity, newborn photography. Baptism & christening. Communion portraits & other special occasions, including graduation & debs Dublin.

For more information send me a form here on the Contact section of my website. And we can start chatting. Have a good week,

Cara xo

family portrait with little girl holding grapes by tree

family potrait with child hugging tree

child portrait with background of bark

family portrait, child among white flower bush in woods

little girl smiling in front of white flowers in woods

little girl by a tree, close up of bark with texture

portrait of a girl in blue dress holding leaf

little girl holding grapes in wood, family portrait

family portrait of little girl in a white dress in branches of tree in wood

child portrait holding grapes in outskirt of woon holding grapes

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