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Family photo shoot Dublin. Graduation portraits

Updated post with recent graduation photography Dublin.

The time has come when your child transitions to college or university or some place else. It's a time of celebration for many older children & their families!

I love to celebrate a graduation family photo shoot Dublin. Graduation photography can be done before, after, or during the actual ceremony.

I love to photograph older children, teens & adults because they are always our precious babies. Aside from the Instagram & social media generation, this is a picture you can frame and put on a wall, or inside an album. Create a family keepsake!

Doing a family session with your older child before or after the events can allow for casual family photography where you dress down rather than up (The wheelbarrow. Summer family portraits Dublin). However you still remember your child in this important moment in time. Often the transition between school & college, or college & the wider world. Perhaps your child or young adult is leaving home for the first time. Flying the nest.

I specialize in at home family photography including outdoor family photo shoots Dublin.

This graduation picture was taken before the main graduation event, taking place the following day at Columbia NYC. These young women were graduating from a dual program between Trinity College Dublin & Columbia, NYC.

two younf beautiful girls in graduation cap and gown on a leafy, sunlit campus, under a tree with historical buildings in soft focus.candid graduation family photography dublin

We used some shade of leafy trees on campus as it was still bright, mid afternoon. When it's blazing, I will always plan shade of trees.

Whereas their cap and robes in Columbia were pale blue, at Trinity college Dublin, they were an elegant mix of black & white, with white clothes worn beneath.

I love the accessory of the fur robe as the Trinity graduation was in autumn and chillier!

Photographing any event in CLOUDY weather & even very light rain (I won't take pictures when it's lashing!) is great for family & lifestyle photography. Cloudy or overcast weather can produce beautiful, vibrant color without having to worry about the sun's glare.

graduation portrait of a young woman in black cap and gown and fur robe on campus at Trinity college dublin. with old college buildings in the background. at the graduation celebration. by cara hodge, natural family photographer dublin and graduation photographer dublin
Trinity College Dublin

I love to use the campus background in my graduation family photography Dublin. For instance, here even in soft focus & in the background, the historical campus buildings look impressive on Columbia campus.

graduation portrait of young girl in front of old building with pillars on a campus. young beautiful woman in graduation robe and trim. graduation family photographer dublin by cara hodge
Graduation Robes

As well as portraits of the happy graduate, I will include all the family of course!

young graduate in blue gown between her two brothers in suit and tie in front of a statue on campus. natural graduation family photography dublin by cara hodge
Graduation Family Portrait

And of course best friends! Graduation is a time to remember friendships. Special shared bonds...I love candid natural family photography Dublin. Photographing the in between unscripted moments as they arise.

two graduates sitting on stone steps about to throw caps in the air
Candid Graduation

two graduates in pale blue robes playing peekaboo with their graduation gowns. graduation photographer dublin for UCD and trinity college dublin


Being the parent to older kids myself, I love these sessions with older children, teenagers & young adults. For mini natural, seasonal family photo shoot Dublin sessions, I love to use a local garden in Blackrock. There is a lovely forest walk which is perfect for family portraits with older children & teenagers.

brother and sister, young adults, in matching blue jeans and shirt and jumper with fluffy dog on forest park and path in blackrock dublin. by cara hodge, candid family photographer dublin

And for really laid back vibes, there is no need to get dressed up at all. I love these casual Panda slippers in the long summer grass of this meadow. For an at home family photo shoot where your older child might want to make minimum fuss. A counter to today's " Insta" or social media culture!

beautiful young woman in yellow cotton trousers, relaxed t shirt and panda slippers, sitting in sunlit summer meadow

To see more family photography Dublin with teens, particularly feminine portraits, please go HERE. Perfect for graduation & debs photography Dublin.

I love this one of this beautiful young woman in a wide brimmed sun hat & slinky black dress holding a framed painting of a woman. This young woman had yet to graduate from Trinity College Dublin, but this casual summer photo shoot will forever preserve the memory of how she looked as a student at that time of life. You can see more of this summer photo shoot HERE

young beautiful woman in slinky black dress holding a painting of a woman in end of day summer light in a feild with white flowers. for cara hodge, natural family photographer dublin. including award winning debs and graduation family photo shoot dublin

You can see more casual graduation family photo shoot sessions HERE. Also here, a summer photo shoot in a meadow filled with flowers, perfect for a debs photo shoot Dublin, even before & after the occasion, when you can slip out of your debs dress and into something more casual as well. Yet still recall this radiant moment in time. HERE

This one was taken before the graduation ceremony, but Ashley still got dressed up beautifully for this casual impromtu shoot! Neutrals such as white & black work perfectly and keep the attention firmly on your teenager's portrait. Her expression & gestures...

beuatiful girl staring through an antique gilt frame in summer garden. natural graduation photography and dublin family photo shoot dublin.

You can also read more about my family photography, including graduation & debs, photography packages here. Including seasonal mini sessions in my local area of Blackrock, Dublin. HERE.

I have spent time sourcing handcrafted, professional albums & fine art books made especially for family & lifestyle photographers. All these print products can also be added a la carte after the session too.

As a gift? Vouchers are available!

To check my availability for your family photo shoot Dublin, please CONTACT ME .

I can't wait to meet you & above all let's have fun making memories!

Cara xx


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