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Glastonbury Girls. Autumn photoshoot in a Glastonbury garden

Here's a little of what I've been up to these past couple of weeks. Over middterm break here in Dublin, Ireland, I escaped Blackrock to visit my sister in Glastonbury, England, and my adorable nieces and nephews. It's always amazing to see them and if it wasn't for the lockdown we've had in past months here, I would probably have a made at least an extra trip this year. Over the course of 6 days which felt a little like an early Christmas - lots of treats, two roast dinners - I got the chance to photograph them. The garden Hydrangea made an idea backdrop for some emotive child portraits. Although the cloudy pink blooms were starting to fade, they were still very pretty. I've put a few portraits in colour here, but might visit at least one of these for a black & white portrait. I think the one of my niece crouching among the flowers has enough texture and contrasts of light & shade to be a good candidate for a black & white. It can take a couple of attempts (and sometimes more), to get the black & white portrait finished to my liking. Are the blacks dramatic enough, are the whites..? Is there too much contrast, too little. ANYWAY, that's next weeks job. I love these girls so much and their expressions are priceless. (I am also mad about my nephews and have some pictures of my boys to follow). My nieces and I had a good giggle posing in the garden. Particularly as their expressions could be so dramatic at times, and purposefully hilarious. I call the littlest my little witch. Quite aside from her striking long dark hair and green eyes, she can pull the most witchiest of expressions, quite on purpose. I'll get around to those too. These girls are just both, well, totally gorgeous, inside & out. Can you tell I'm smitten? Anyway. My little off-the-cuff portrait session in an Autumn garden in Glastonbury, England. More to follow. Aside from editing these, it's fair to say that, I've been glued to the American election this week. Well, I mean, although besides the point of this blog, it's been a nail biter in between some of the longest days of this second-wave lockdown here in Blackrock. Cara x

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