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Family portraits. Untamed Summer: Connection between sisters.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Catch up on my documentary family photo project. Two sisters in the garden, my Untamed Summer Series. Older sister & younger sister & the bond between them.

I think I have already most of my faves from this project. Still, I like to look through the Google drive pictures for any I have missed. There are always a few stray pictures to do up!

I usually find that the stand out child portraits are hard to miss at the start. However, when I come back to them, there are usually a few more that I like...Sometimes, I will leave it weeks or months before checking my selection again.

These are the more subtle portraits. Often the "in between" moments. The ones that, although didn't catch my eye at the start, have something intriguing when I look a bit deeper.

The project is going to be in black & white as I love how b & w family portraits distill everything to the purest parts. Lights, composition, storytelling.

(However, I have turned a favorite that I am definitely using in my photo story into color here as well!).

The child portraits for this family series were taken throughout the day. Often in harsh or "hard"midday light. It is an opportunity to embrace intense highlights & shadows. The texture of plants in the garden in "hard light" is very dramatic & bold

Overall, I am looking for pictures that capture the close connection between these two gorgeous sisters, my nieces, but that also provide clues at to their different personalities. Little sister playing with her dolls. Grass fights on the lawn. Big sister looking into a big mirror with a lolly pop in her mouth.

Time to make up my mind about my top faves coming soon!!

Just as I fine comb through my pictures to make sure I have all the best ones, I do the same with my Dublin family photo shoot galleries. I download all the best moments from our time together on to my computer. I see the ones that jump out at me first. Then, before I send a gallery, i check through all the pictures again to make sure I haven't missed any!

I am a family photographer Dublin, and I also specialize in natural newborn photography. That's when I come to your home in the first weeks after birth & capture a slice of life. Real life documentary family photography with newborn at the heart. Capturing a natural part of your day

I have new Spring mini family sessions in my local area of Blackrock, Dublin. Now, rather than picking your favorites from the gallery, I am providing all the best, candid moments from our time together. Whether it be a regular one hour session or a 40 minute mini at the beach or park. All the favorite moments from the session are fully edited.

I particularly love to do my Spring mini sessions using a backdrop of cherry blossom petals. The cherry blossom seasonal color is starting to pop all around Blackrock Dublin.

Book your family's Spring mini now & don't miss out on this gorgeous family photography Dublin season!

I am a professional, award winning & candid family photographer. I love meeting families & capturing the connection between you all. Life is precious, you are precious...

More with my untamed summer series, two sisters in a summer garden here

And unscripted, natural family photography Dublin here:

Have a great week, Cara xx

color portrait of big sister hugging younger sister in a garden, light in their hair

family portait with little sister sitting on big sister's back

portrait of a girl with pine cone in her hair

big sister holding little sister and making a heart shape with their hands

family portrait with little sister playing wih big sister's hair, holding it up

little sister playing with big sister's hair. family portrait at home in garden

big sister holding on to branches of a pine tree. at home family portrait in the garden

family portrait with little sister staring through chicken wire fence

big sister's fave and cheek pressing against wire fence

big sister leaning her face against a wire mesh gate leaving a pattern on her cheek. family portrait in garden


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