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Bond Between Sisters

For my blog this week, my personal ongoing documentary family project

Capturing the bond between two sisters. In this family of five children, capturing the eldest & youngest sister

One week this summer. Often in hard midday light. These two sisters playing & interacting in the garden

There are many pictures from these documentary sessions that spanned a week this summer, and I am trying to narrow the selection down.

First though, it is important to do a quick edit on any image that stands out from this series. After that, any picture that I really love will be edited with more care. I think I know my faves by now, but I am hoping there are a still a few more I've missed.

I want the pictures to work together as a whole & tell a story of the precious bond between these two.

I am really keen on portraits with eye contact, so aside from these, I am looking for child portraits that include new & interesting compositions.

I am going stick with black & white for this child portrait series. Black & white is perfect for distilling a picture to its purest elements. With the hard light in the garden, I am enjoying the sharp highlights in these & the stark shadows

If you love documentary family photography, take a glance at my Fly On The Wall page on my website. This is documenting your family's day to day - sleeping, napping, feeding, playing. Perfect for young children. We can capture a window of your day inside & then take a stroll outside, perhaps at a nearby Dublin park

Aside from this ongoing personal project, I am also looking forward to my autumn family photo shoots in Dublin this season. This week I have noticed vibrant autumn color around Blackrock, Dublin. Autumn is a perfect season for family photography.

Autumn family photo shoots can make perfect Christmas cards. Choose your favorite family portrait & have them turned into Christmas cards or framed prints as gifts for the family.

As well as my usual family, child & newborn sessions, I have some Christmas vouchers that are prefect for family Christmas gifts.

Have a good week, Cara x

two sisters hugging

portrait of two sisters in garden

sisters, little sister's arm hanging across older sister's face

little girl in large plant pot, laughing

girl with flower bloom in her hair

sisters seen through chicken wire fence

sisters in garden with flowers

girl with mascara running, background of flower blooms

girl playing with her dolls

girl in garden, close up of her in grass

putting flowers in little sister's hair

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