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Natural Family Photography Dublin. Bringing in the wild.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Natural Family Photography Dublin: Bringing the wild inside the house. Nature. Trees & flowers!

My child & family photography has been greatly influenced by nature.

In the beginning, I loved to take pictures of my own children in the garden in Abu Dhabi. There were huge blooms of bougainvillea growing there in white, pink & red (the start of it all: blossom trees). It was something of a wild, exotic place. Perfect location for family portraits

Great for naturally framing family portraits too. In soft focus, the flowers made such attractive focus points.

Shooting through flowers allows the focus of the flowers to drop away in creative ways!

Also, on holiday in France in the depth of the Dordogne, nature was all around us. Old trees made perfect branches for intimate, emotive child portraits. Several of my favorite, award winning family portraits feature children in trees. As if they belong totally to nature.

I also like to do my Dublin family sessions as naturally as possible. Using as many natural locations I can, even in the heart of the city. I did a family photography session in Killiney Hill just after Christmas. I can't wait to share those pictures here on the blog. Children having fun on the mossy rocks leading into the woods. Children playing hide & seek behind the trees. Walking along fallen logs with grandpa & grandma. WATCH THIS SPACE!

For my own personal child & family photography, I am often indoors, at home. As I have great window light, I do a lot of at home portraits of my own children by the window.

I take NATURE indoors by the way of flowers.

A simple vase of flowers next to a child, even on the ground (I love to shoot portraits from above). Or flowers held in the hand (Tulip fever)

I love to do boy portraits with different kinds of flowers, any bloom that catches my eye. I'm not trying to say anything about gender particularly, I am just interested in the purity of childhood!

Sometimes when it's rainy and grey out, and there isn't so much to do, we will work on some flower pictures. I like to start with a spark of inspiration. More importantly, it allows my boy to interact with something. As well as to interact with me!

This week I've also got some beautiful gift cards printed. I can't wait to pick them up this week from Dublin Printing Co. Gift vouchers for a one hour family photography session with me. Either on location or in the comfort of your own home. I specialize in natural newborn at home photography in Dublin too.

Practicing at home with my own children, has allowed me to understand indoor light really well. I am a pure natural light, on location photographer!

I am a skilled, professional family photographer Dublin. Professional member of Click in Moms. I have been internationally published, including in 121 clicks, Bored Panda & The Times, UK. I have won first, second & third place at International Child Photo Competition, best of black & white child & family photography

For best family photography Dublin memories, contact me to book your session.

Couples, engagements. Natural newborn at home photography. Authentic & emotive maternity. All sorts of special occasion including birthdays, debs, baptism & christening photography Dublin. I am passionate about Holy Communion photography Dublin too

Chat soon!

.Cara x

award winning portrait, boy hanging from tree

boy curled in tree branch, award winning family portrait

boy hanging upside down from old tree

boy in tree covered in flowers, huge out of focus blooms and flowers

boy pulling branch of flowers, bright pink petals

boy with vase of flowers, gentle focus with camera

sleepy boy with vase of roses, award winning family portrait

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