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Phoenix Park Family. Tender moments with newborn baby boy

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

A sneak peak. I still need to share the family favorites from this session.

A newborn session with family in Phoenix park, Dublin. What's not to love??

It was a gorgeous August evening & Phoenix park is the perfect location for natural newborn photography. Rather than a newborn at home session, this couple chose Phoenix Park as their location as it was around the corner from their home

I know a spot in Phoenix park that has such a good backdrop of tall, lush grasses. Perfect in summer, turning golden

A short distance away there is an open meadow that is wonderful to stroll along with newborn baby.

Stopping here to make the most of a good vista. Tall trees, long grass.

This park makes you feel lost in nature!

Perfect for a newborn session as it feels like we are in a natural landscape, but closer enough to the city that you don't have to travel far.

I am a great believer in wearing whatever you feel comfortable in for a family, lifestyle or newborn photo shoot Dublin.

That's way more important than anything else.

And with a newborn, let's face it, most couples barely have time to drag a brush through their hair!

So whatever you feel comfortable wearing is the key to a laid back, comfortable session where everyone feels relaxed.

But don't this family look AMAZING in whites? It just makes their expressions & interactions the focus of this photo shoot, rather then what they are wearing

It makes them stand out whilst not stealing the show.

I always give my families tips before a photo shoot

I say in the tips that I give out before that it's great to be coordinated rather than matching. Blue, brown, green tones are always good for an outdoor session complimenting nature's natural colors. Aside from that palette. white and other neutrals work so well in any landscape. And I really think this family look great for a summer session

Newborn boy loved looking around him, and was fascinated by the light through the branches of the trees

I loved that there was a bench the family could sit on and enjoy interacting with their newborn for some casual seated portraits

They also brought a blanket which was perfect for some sitting family portraits. More to follow...

I can't wait to include more pictures in my family Highlights section on my website

As well as outdoors in a park or beach, I specialize in natural newborn at home sessions.

Here I document you looking after your baby in the first days & weeks after birth.

Within the first two weeks of birth baby is still or curled up, and that's a good time to have your pictures taken. On the other hand, any time you feel ready is a good time

For a natural newborn at home session I ask you simply to throw open the blinds or curtains and let in the light. If you have a master bed, it is good to clear clutter just either side of the bed. The bedroom is a great place for you to be comfortable at home with your new baby.

No need for fancy clothes or heavy make up. Just drag a comb through your hair! With Photoshop I can gently improve tired eyes & skin. With that being said, I keep my newborn & family pictures as authentic & natural as possible. That's the beauty of it

You can read more about my newborn photography Dublin here

Professional family photographer Dublin. Natural newborn family portraits.

Best moments are all shown in a professional viewing gallery with personalized cover. I have a range of packages including luxury print products, albums, & digital packages

Mini sessions are available in my local area now too!

Enjoy the rest of your week, Cara xx

family with newborn on a park bench. family sessio with mum, dad & newborn in Phoenix park, Dublin

mum, dad  looking at each other smiling with newborn curled in the middle

dad looking at newborn baby as he lies across his arm, Phoenix park dublin

mum holding newborn in poenix park, background of long summer grass

family portrait with mum, dad and newborn in arms

close up of dad holding newborn, newborn feet in sharp focus

family portrait with dad cradling newborn

dad cradling newborn baby with poenix park tall trees

mum cradling newborn across her chest and smiling

on a bench with mum, dad and newborn baby boy

on a blanket in tall grass with mum, dad and newborn baby boy


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