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Throwback...sneak peek!

Just a quick throwback to the wheelbarrow series of photographs I worked on last summer. And I am working on new pictures as ever...whilst simultaneously editing those I take throughout previous sessions. It's a process that never ends, reevaluating, revisiting, rekindling a connection with those past moments that have flown but still tantalise like feathers on the breeze. Something like that...tomorrow I plan to sit down and work on a complete set of sorts.. Flee in a barrow. I was sort of inspired by Yeurgen Teller's Kate Moss in a wheelbarrow...it's a picture that has always stayed with me, especially when I was reminded of the battered, rusted old wheelbarrow in France - one I used to get pushed around in as a kid - and let's face it which kid doesn't wonder what it's like to be pushed around in a wheelbarrow on an everlasting summer's day. That said, a grown person in a barrow is a great contrast to a childish whim. There is something womb-like and precious about being curled up, crunched, in this tiny space. I have to admit it's a photo opportunity I'd like to revisit next summer, with a few changes...but for now, the endless days of summer seem an endless amount of time away. The chirping of crickets feel like an echo of lost days. Hard to imagine. Let's face it, here, in Dublin, there have been endless gales, grey skies, and hard hard rain, especially with storm Ciara and now Dennis this weekend. And I'm not complaining - really I'm not. I actually love it here, I really do. In the same way it's hard not to like the crazy storms Irish Sea. But I digress, completely. I barely ever take pictures outside at the moment. But for now, and for the sake of my blog, here is one wheelbarrow picture - from the series.

this photographer here in Dublin

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