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Throwback! Lifestyle wheelbarrow portraits

Updated: Jan 14

Just a quick throwback to the wheelbarrow series of photographs I worked on last summer.

Tomorrow I plan to sit down and work on a complete set of of these family pictures featuring my daughter in a wheelbarrow!

This is where lifestyle family photography merges with portrait photography.

I adore taking pictures of older children & teenagers, because they are always our precious babies.

I have a page on my website dedicated to feminine portraits. But essentially, it is going to become a page for all older children & teenagers.

So, for now, here is my precious teenager, Florence, in a wheelbarrow.

I was totally inspired by Juergen Teller's portrait of Kate Moss in a wheelbarrow...It's an iconic picture that always stayed with me.

And I was reminded of that picture of Kate Moss when I spied our battered, rusted old wheelbarrow in France this summer.

(The one I used to get pushed around in as a kid. And what kid doesn't love being pushed around in a wheelbarrow on a long summer's day? )

A grown person in a barrow is a great contrast to a child like memory. There is something womb-like and precious about being curled up, crunched, in this tiny space.

In this selfie era, it is wonderful to have a portrait of your teenager that you can keep. Frame, & put on your wall.

My Dublin family photo shoots include the chance for your teenager to dress up or keep it casual.

Take a walk around a place you love, whether it be a park, beach or the city center in Dublin.

Around Blackrock, Dublin, there is plenty of opportunities for family pictures in the park or beach. Don't have to be in a wheelbarrow in a swimming costume!

Our children are always our babies, no matter how old they are. It is wonderful to preserve family memories at all stage of life.

And as parents, we need to get in the frame with them too!

Fitting inside this rusty old wheelbarrow might be a stretch though!

Have a lovely week and go easy in the winter storms, Cara x

young woman in a wheelbarrow, head thrown back. Black & white portrait of a young woman

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