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Unscripted Family Photography Dublin. Best Moments

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I am in the middle of making a family album for my sister as a Christmas present.

When I visited Glastonbury a few weeks back, I took a fair few family pictures that week. My sister has 5 kids, plenty to keep a family photographer busy!

There is always at least one kid willing to be photographed, even when the others are protesting!

And since I am known as "Caroline with the camera" (Cara is my nick name), many are more than happy to oblige. Excited to look through all the pictures on the camera after! My family photography Dublin sessions are relaxed & easy going. I watch families & children play & interact together and press the shutter button on all the best moments. Asking now and again to stop and look at me when I notice a particularly good expression or gesture in the frame.

My desktop is covered with edits from our little relaxed & fun family photo shoots around Glastonbury. In the garden, Tor and surrounding fields, and the Somerset wetlands.

I love the portraits of the girls' hair being whipped up in the wind.

I love wind blown hair in family portraits. Flying hair adds movement to a portrait. The other week, I did a family photo shoot in Killiney Hill Dublin & have lots of wind blown family portraits there too, being on top of the hill overlooking Dublin! It's a great location for family portraits Dublin.

Although I give wardrobe tips for my family, baby & newborn sessions, you can see here that this family is not matching at all. Since these pictures are unplanned!

This adds to the unscripted feel of these pictures. Unscripted family sessions are all about turning up as you are. Kids are messy & chaotic by nature. Kids like have adventures. They don't care for stiff posing or being placed in awkward positions. If they are kept in one spot for too long they tire and run away!

So when I do family photography sessions Dublin - or anywhere - with lots of kids, I have some tried & tested methods. I shoot quickly. If I miss a moment, I just keep on going. I will capture the next good moment instead. Most of my family sessions are one hour, but with multi generational groups, or over 10 people, I will shoot for up to one hour & twenty minutes. That's ample time for LOTS of pictures.

When I get the pictures on to my desk top, I am looking for VARIETY.

Group shots with all the family & the dog/s (I welcome dogs on my family photo shoots Dublin). Also smaller groups of children or parents & children. if it's a multi generational session, I might have all the adults together. For example, grandparents & their adult children.

I also love to do individual, environmental child & baby photography. Including newborns. That's when I am looking to bring out the character of the individual person. Often close up, emotive portraits

For the album, I want to include lots of SMILES & LAUGHTER, as well as the more serene type of child & family portraits.

After all, all parents love to see their children looking happy, don't they?!

And I think the children will enjoy remembering all the fun we had together that week.

I've done a mix of cinematic black & white and rich, natural color. I have both styles presented in my family viewing galleries for you to choose your best moments

For best family photography moments Dublin, I would love to chat.

Just fill out a form on the Contact page. I have over 10 years experience photographing families, children & babies professionally. I am internationally awarded & published. I also have a lot of experience in different settings, from intimate at home documentary newborn sessions to more classic group family portraits

Vouchers are available to gift a family or lifestyle session. Plenty of packages to choose from!

I have a few more Christmas family photography sessions coming up on the blog soon. I can't wait to share more

Have a fab week, Cara xx

girl on a swing in her garden

girl witht wind wipping up her hair

 two sisters playing in garden

two girls clapping hands with background of flowers

girl looking in a marror, laughing at her reflection

 girl turning and looking over her shoulder, black & white, award winning portrait

portrait of a girl turning and looking over her shoulder, black & white, award winning portrait


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