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Window light child portraits. A boy & a cat

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Here is my little darling - in fact, not so little anymore - with our cat. The last in the series is here is him with our fluffy Persian cat, Zara.

He & Zara love to have a cuddle on the cozy armchair by the window.

In fact, this is the perfect corner for "at home" window light child portraits.

In winter through summer, the light in this room is just GORGEOUS.

In winter it is crisp and chill. In summer, I can capture the softer tones of golden hour natural light.

You can see more recent pictures of my son showering Zara the cat HERE, and playing with our new Frenchie puppy HERE.

My son has always loved cats, ever since he was little. When we lived in Abu Dhabi the stray cats would come out of curiosity to our door. You can see more portraits of our time in the UAE HERE, the beginning of my adventures in child & family photography.

My son has had a lot of experience taking care of street cats and kittens.

We rescued our cat Zara, featured here, in the last of this series, from a vet. She was in a cage about to be carted off to a cat shelter, and we nabbed her from Hello!

She was very shy at first when we took her home, but after a while she ventured out of hiding between the book shelves!

When we moved to Dublin, all our pets came with us of course (Miss Tiddlywinks the Abu Dhabi stray kitten, Zara our Persian & Pebbles our Pomeranian)

Pets are a wonderful way to relax & engage children in a child portrait session. Children with their pets can result in wonderfully classic child portraits. As well as portraits with all the family. You can see kitty with her family in this newborn at home session HERE.

What matters most is the genuine moment of connection with your pet.

The warmth of a cuddle with his cat. Or in the case of my niece with a chicken!

Any pet that your child forms a connection with, can create magic

I am passionate about classic child environmental portraits. A picture of a child in their natural environment which tells us something about the child. That's the storytelling aspect that adds layers of meaning to a picture.

Also, documentary family photography which is a slice of life. Telling the story of your day to day. See my Fly On The Wall page for more information about my natural slice of life photography

I do at home family, baby & natural newborn photography. I also like to do family sessions outdoors in a place you love & feel at home. In Dublin there are plenty of options for attractive outdoor locations

If you have a dog you are welcome to bring your dog to a family session, also for some doggie portraits which I can include.

I am an award winning, professional child & family photographer Dublin. I am particularly passionate about expressive & emotive child portraits. Every day and special occasion photography for communion, debs, birthdays, baptism photography. Also natural newborn at home & maternity

For family photography Dublin, with your pet (of course), please contact me. I have plenty of options to choose from in my family & lifestyle packages with your fur baby!

award winning child portrait, featured PhotoVogue, of boy holding his cat in indoor natural light

award winning child portrait of cats paw on child's face in golden light, family at home portrait

boy with cat in bath filled with lego, award winning child portrait

award winning child portrait of boy with cat

family portrait with two sisters in garden, one holding a pet chicken

at home family portrait with boy and his cat

at home family portrait with boy & persian cat by window

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