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Dublin’s Vintage Family Portraits: Capturing Teen Elegance

Teenager Portraits Dublin

Capture the unique personality and style of your teenager with my family portrait sessions in Dublin. These summer flower meadow pictures, featuring a young woman in a vintage-style dress, vintage stuffed animals, and a straw hat, are perfect for emotive and personalized teenager portraits. The summer meadow setting allows for a wardrobe that is reminiscent of any era, reflecting a timeless quality.

Vintage Inspired Family Portraits with Your Older Child


Styling for vintage inspired family portraits is best using natural fabrics, such as cotton and prairie-style dresses, without logos or modern branding. Accessories like straw hats, vintage stuffed animals, and simple, elegant props enhance the nostalgic feel. Rather than fleeting fashion trends, these sessions focus on simplicity and natural beauty, allowing expression & gesture to be the focal point.

The Beauty of Vintage Inspired Color

The beauty of vintage-inspired color lies in muted, warm tones that evoke a sense of nostalgia and ageless elegance. These colors, combined with a slight grain, create an 'Old Money' aesthetic that adds depth and character to your photos. The softness of these tones brings out natural skin tones and complements the simplicity of vintage props and settings, creating a cohesive and enchanting visual story.

Graduation, Debs & Birthday photographer Dublin

Capture the essence of your graduation with my professional photography services in Dublin. Applying the vintage-inspired aesthetic to pre-graduation, debs, or birthday portraits creates a unique and unforgettable look. From the main event to relaxed pre- and post-ceremony sessions, I ensure every moment is beautifully preserved for generations to come.


Handcrafted albums & mounted print boxes as well as framed Giclee pigment prints are available. A photo session with your older child & teenager makes the perfect birthday gifts - gift vouchers are available.

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