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Bring out your wild child! Documentary family photography Dublin.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

This was a fun-filled summer outing to one of England's most beautiful country houses and parks. Stourhead, UK. Best moments from summer family photography on holiday!

Holidays are a time of freedom for children. SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER! No more uniforms. No more scheduled time. No more organized after school activities.

The unplugged childhood. A childhood of full of adventure & exploration.

This is FREE time.


As a parent we know it when we see it. An expression that rings true.

Whether the mood is smiles and laughter. Or contemplation and surprise. Or dreaminess. Or trepidation. Or plain sass. We know a true expression when we see one. I capture it all!

It is no coincidence that as the summer weeks slide by, the children get grubbier. More unruly. More wild. (See my Untamed Summer Story ). Particularly when kids have access to the countryside. Access to adventures with all the family. Picnics, playing tag, climbing trees, swimming...

Even dinner times can be chaotic during the summer holidays. After a whole day outside, the food is scrambled together (...not literally...but almost!). Active children are hungry children! Little boys eating spaghetti straight out of the pan! Active children are also tired at the end of the day. Drifting off in exhaustion, rubbing tired eyes...

The children ran around exploring the park at Stourhead, England.

The girls were dressed in fancy dress costumes. This location truly is a magical place with magical light. (Unplugged Childhood Photo shoot)

Having child & family photo shoots in a park Dublin is a great way to capture children in their element. Some parks mimic nature so well. Dublin parks have some amazing ornamental and ancient-looking trees that provide a beautiful naturalistic backdrop for child & family portraits. Have a look at some recent outdoor photo shoots under the shade of trees HERE.

Real life, fuss free, no frills documentary family photography.

My Fly On The Wall, documentary family photography sessions Dublin, are scheduled inside or outside the home. Or a mix of both. A typical family session lasts an hour. A documentary session can be much longer. Typically, I can come to your home and get to know you & your family. This is a true recording of your day to day. Perfect for maternity & newborn & baby natural photography. Feeding, bathing, sleeping...We can also take a stroll outside to a nearby park. If you have older children we can watch them play. Slice of life is about documenting the whole family interacting together. Dogs are also welcome!

There is still always a mix of classic child portraits in my authentic family sessions.

I love to capture the "in between" documentary style moments. Moments other than joy, laughter & smiles. The subtle shifts of feeling...

I have plenty of options to choose from. Contact me for your professional family or natural newborn session

Cara x

award winning portrait of boy in branch of tree dressed in a costume

sisters playing in the garden, family summer portrait

award winning portrait of son tucking into spaghetti straight from the pan

family portrait with sister lying on the grass holding flower with little sister

family portrait with two sisters, big sister rubbing tired eyes and little sister playing with pine comb

family portrait with cousins and a baby in baby chair in table in kitchen

little girl sleeping in tree branch in princess dress

little girl getting up to her feet in the garden

little girl laughing in fallen plant pot

bare foot little girl climbing a tree, family portrait

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