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Award winning emotive child portraits. Tulip fever!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

A collection of recent faves. Emotive child portraits. Well, they were recent faves back then. Now I am updating this post to include my new mentoring page. That's my workshops to learn how to take better pictures of your family & kids.

4 workshops to choose from called The Emotive Child, The Environmental Child Portrait, Letting go of Perfection & Using Props in Child Photography.

Learn child & family photography with Cara Hodge in Blackrock, Dublin. Find out more about my workshops HERE. They are workshops where you go at your own pace. A mixture of photo shoots & creating photo stories based on a theme.

Below is a recent child portrait favorite of my son washing our cat in the shower. I am working on a black & white photo story of these captures.

boy washing his cat in the shower at home

In the meantime. Here are a few of my favorite black & white child & family portraits since summer. Many here were taken indoors, at home photography Dublin. Doing what I always love to do. Portraiture with the odd quirky twist. Making the best of window light at home. For my natural family & newborn at home photography Dublin, I will also make the best of natural light in your own home! My personal child portraits are a great way to practice making the most of natural light at home which help me on all my Dublin photo shoots!

We also had a much-appreciated escape to France this summer. (2021). Those resulted in the pictures of my son in a meadow. I love child photography that shows skin because it is so natural & authentic. Kids in hot climates running about in nature. The unscripted child!

There is a portrait here of my son haphazardly lounging in the fig tree. Hard to imagine the beautiful sunshine of summer now in the depths of winter! However a nice reminder that there is plenty more to look forward to when days get longer & brighter!

These pictures have been shown in Iconic Artist Milan & Photo Vogue. You can see more of my published child portraits on the website.

Now more about my seasonal family photography Dublin Mini session. My mini sessions are 30 minutes and there are 25 plus edited digital images with full print release. Mat printing with the professional printers I use in Dublin are really popular. They have a luxurious quality. I also may re introduce a "mini mini" session which is really affordable. That's 30 mins including 5 digital images that can be chosen from a larger gallery with option to upgrade the gallery. I am really excited at this starter package!

The option will be a Blackrock park or garden or low tide (ish) at Seapoint!

Colder, chillier, weather has meant that my family photography Dublin, including baby & newborn photography, will likely be in the cozy comfort of people's own homes in the New Year! I specialize in natural at home newborn photography with all the family!

Stay safe, snug, and warm. Love & light always, Cara x

iconic artist portrait, boy with white tulips surrounding his face as he lies on carpet
Tulip Fever

boy with toy slugs on his face and chest as he rests against arm chair

boy with vase full of roses next to his face

boy looking through a frame in a meadow
In The Frame

award winning picture of boy parading a frame around face

boy resting in the branch of a fig tree like a nature spirit

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