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Best newborn photographer Dublin moments. Newborn In Phoenix Park,

Updated: May 10

Wow, guys! I've finally had a moment to blog my Phoenix Park session

This darling newborn boy with doting mum & dad in Phoenix Park, Dublin

It's a great little spot in Dublin for family photo shoots. We meet at The Hole In The Wall pub in (...about...) mid Phoenix Park. After all, this park is sprawling. It goes on forever. This place is a great meet up spot in the city. You can't miss this gigantic pub!

From there, we took a stroll. There was a bench between big trees for family portraits. A little further along, there is a spot where a blanket can be laid on the ground for sitting family portraits. As ever, I love when things aren't too staged. A bit of prompting from me now & again. I might let you interact and then just ask you to glance at me for a second, here & there, for a spot of eye contact. Other times, I will let you interact as a family perfectly naturally.

With newborns, much of the time you will be interacting directly with your baby. Baby might need to be rocked to sleep. Newborns need to feed so much (!), many pictures are taken breastfeeding baby or in between feeds. With a newborn session, going with the flow is vital.

Adjustments are made to fit around baby and to capture the essence of a newborn in the family! Embracing the chaos as well as capturing those moments of peace

I love to see the close bond between you all. Hugging is awesome. I love it when baby is snug between you both, right in the heart of your family

I try and get you all in the frame as a family. However, I love capturing the precious bond between mum & dad individually as well. Dads are great in newborn sessions, usually so attentive & doting

The stroll in the park might feature around a few key spots, but depending on how you're feeling we don't need to venture far. I will make the most of the landscape, the light...and above all, those precious moments of connection.

It takes about a week to sort through the pictures after a photo shoot. I download them all on to the computer and look for the "stand out" ones first. Once I have them all, I will edit them - checking them for color, contrast, lightness, sharpness & temperature and make some adjustments.

Once I am happy with my core selection of stand out pictures, I will look through all the pictures from the shoot again. I want to check I haven't missed any. I will also be looking for a balance of family group pictures, as well as a balance of mum & dad with baby, as well as classic baby portraits. Baby portraits are often done with baby lying on a blanket if it's an outdoor session

I also look out for the little details. Baby hands & feet. This can be on a blanket minimalist style, just with baby. Or for more documentary family & newborn sessions, the details might be captured whilst you are holding or feeding your newborn. Little baby feet curled up as you feed your baby...

I will also look for a mix of close up intimate shots, as well as shots that are taken at a distance where I can see more of the backdrop or landscape. These are full body shots to add variety to your family session.

I'll also be looking for classic group shots & more spontaneous "in between" moments which is documentary family photography, completely unstaged.

I am a great believer in you wearing whatever you want to your family & newborn session. With that being said, I always offer some tips. Complimentary tones work well - blue, brown, green work so well in a natural setting, mirroring the colors of nature. A neutral palette such as white, beige, black is also going to work well

This family looked great in white, making the focus on them rather than their outfits!

Anyways, here are some pictures from my adorable newborn session in Phoenix Park. Best newborn photographer Dublin moments. Moments to cherish. Forever!

I hope you enjoy. Contact me for your winter newborn family & newborn session. Family sessions make great Christmas cards this Christmas. I have digital packages as well as packages covering printed products, such as handmade with love albums, fine art books & mounted print boxes.

Have a beautiful weekend. Love & light, Cara xxx

mum holding newborn baby in Phoenix park, Dublin

mum kissing newborn cheek in phoenix park, dublin. best newborn photographer dublin moments. by cara hodge

dad holding newborn baby with background of long summer grass. best newborn photographer dublin moments by cara hodge

newborn looking over mum's shoulder with woodland background

newborn portrait, lying on a blanket in the park

family portrait with mum, dad & newborn. Phoenix park, Dublin

newborn baby curled between mum & dad. natural newborn portrait

dad kissing newborn son on top of the head

close up of baby feet, dad holding newborn against chest

black & white portrait of mum kissing newborn

dad holding newborn son across the length of his arm, and holding head in a palm of hand, with background of long summer grass. best newborn photographer dublin moments

mum holding her newborn, view of back of newborn in onesie with legs dangling

mum and dad in white cotton clothes holding newborn son on a park bench in phoenix park dublin

dad holding newborn son and gazing into his eyes in phoenix park. best newborn photographer dublin moments

mum and dad on blanket holding newborn , blanket spread across long summer grass

dad holding newborn son as newborn seemingly points a finger at dad in a comical way

mum kissing newborn son on cheek, close up of their faces with background of trees and shade

dad cradling his newborn son as he sleeps in phoenix park dublin, end of day summer light as shadows show under trees

newborn son lying on a cream textured blanket in park

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