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Best newborn photographer Dublin moments. Newborn In Phoenix Park.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

This is a recently updated post:

I've finally had a moment to blog my Phoenix Park newborn session.

This darling newborn baby boy on an outdoor family photo shoot with doting mum & dad in Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Phoenix park is a great spot in Dublin for family photo shoots. We meet at The Hole In The Wall pub at (...about...) mid Phoenix Park. This place is a great meet up spot. You can't miss this gigantic pub!

In warmer weather it is fine to do newborn family photo shoot Dublin outdoors in the park. I specialize in at home natural newborn photography as well as outdoor family & newborn photo shoots, weather permitting. Here is another Phoenix Park family & baby session also done during the summer in a grassy meadow.

From the Hole In The Wall pub, we took a stroll through the park gates. There was a bench between big trees for family portraits.

A little further along, there is a spot where a blanket can be laid on the ground for sitting family portraits. I always ask my families to bring a blanket along for warmer weather family sessions.(baby on a blanket in warmer autumn weather)

mum, dad dressed in white cotton holding newborn baby boy as they sit together on a big blanket in long grass in phoenix park dublin
Baby on a blanket

As ever, I love when things aren't too staged. I want my families to feel relaxed and if there are small children I initiate games to help the young children feel they are playing rather then being photographed. There is a bit of prompting from me now & again. For example, I am on the look out for ideal views & pretty light, so may guide you to these areas.

I might let you interact and then just ask you to glance at me here & there, to hold eye contact.

newborn baby boy with eyes barely open being held across mum's shoulder with background of soft focus trees and end of day light. phoenix park dublin family and newborn photo shoot
Hold Me

With newborns, much of the time you will be interacting intimately with your baby. Baby might need to be rocked to sleep. Newborns need to feed so much (!) Many pictures are taken in between, or during, feeds. With a newborn & baby session, going with the flow is vital.

Unposed candid moments are key.

I love to see the close bond between you all. Hugging is awesome, filling the camera frame. I love it when baby is snug between you, right in the heart of your family. There is room in all my family photography Dublin & newborn sessions for a mix of classic family portraits as well as more candid moments that arise naturally.

dad looking at mum tenderley as mum looks smiling as she holds her newborn son in the middle between them

The most important thing, whether an unscripted moment or a more classic family portrait, is to capture the authentic connection between you all.

I look out for the little details. Baby hands & feet. This can arise with baby placed on a blanket, minimalist style. Or, for more documentary feel, the details might be captured whilst you are holding or feeding your newborn. Think little curled up feet as you feed your baby...

I will also be looking for a balance of family group pictures, at a distance as well as closer up, trying to capture many different angles & compositions.

mum and dad holding newborn baby boy between them in long grass and soft background of trees
Loved Up

What should I wear to an outdoor family & newborn photo shoot?

I am a great believer in you wearing whatever you want to your family & newborn session. With that being said, I always offer some tips before the session. Complimentary tones work well across a family - blue, brown, green work so well in a natural setting, mirroring the colors of nature. A neutral palette such as white, beige & black is also going to work well. I love the fresh white cottons on this summer family photo shoot with newborn (wearing neutral white makes the focus on the family rather than their outfits!) I also think earth tones work really beautifully in a natural setting, think brown, copper & burnt orange for a rustic feel.

How far do we walk on an outdoor family & newborn photo shoot?

The stroll in the park might feature around a few key spots, but depending on how you're feeling we don't need to venture far to great pictures.

Phoenix park is a HUGE Dublin park, however some of my seasonal mini family & baby sessions take place in a much smaller spaced garden around Blackrock.

My regular family & newborn photo shoots Dublin last between 1-2 hours, with the option for extended Fly On The Wall, unscripted documentary family sessions.

I also do mini outdoor family sessions. (Spring mini). My seasonal minis are in my local area of Blackrock & Seapoint. They are 30 minutes. Here (below) is a recent mini family photo shoot in a nearby garden, close to my home, where the family also chose to wear white cotton & where the weather was warm enough for new baby girl to be photographed in the meadow grass outside.

mum walking her baby girl in white cotton dress through meadow with daisies as she holds a teddy bear

I will make the most of the landscape in a small space, the light and shade. Trees are particularly important for creating shade on my family photo shoots, especially when the light is harsh in summer when the sun sets much later. (Family portraits under the shade of trees). Or if a family session is scheduled in the middle of the day when the sun is still high & bright.

mum and dad in white summer cottons holding baby girl in their arms under the shade of leafy trees in a long grassy flower measow. outdoor dublin photo shoots with all the family, children & newborn
Under the shade of trees

I will also make sure to do newborn & baby portraits alone. Here a blanket was not needed, the grass was warm & dry enough!

baby girl in white cotton dress sitting in meadow with daisies in hair and holding a daisy
Daisy Baby

What happens after the family & newborn photo shoot?

It takes about 1-3 weeks to sort through the pictures after a family photo shoot Dublin. I download them all on to the computer and look for the "stand out" ones first. (I take about 500-700 pictures during a typical one hour photo shoot). I focus on those emotive pictures that leave an immediate impression. I will hand edit edit them - checking them for color, contrast, lightness, sharpness & temperature. I will include both my signature black & white (newborn in black & white), and natural color in the viewing gallery. You can find out more about my process & what to expect in frequently asked questions.

I have digital packages as well as packages covering printed products, such as handmade with love albums, fine art books & mounted print boxes. Aside from the seasonal mini, my 4 main packages are Starter, Gems, Keepsake & Luxe and vary in terms of session time & number of pictures in the gallery. However my promise is I will include a complete set of all the best moments from our time together. You can see my packages under pricing.

Here are some pictures (below) from my adorable newborn session in Phoenix Park. My best newborn photographer Dublin moments with this new family.

I hope you enjoy. Contact me for your autumn & winter newborn family & newborn session as summer draws to a close. Family sessions make great Christmas cards this Christmas.

Have a beautiful weekend. Love & light, Cara xxx

mum holding newborn baby in Phoenix park, Dublin

dad holding newborn baby with background of long summer grass. best newborn photographer dublin moments by cara hodge

newborn looking over mum's shoulder with woodland background

newborn baby curled between mum & dad. natural newborn portrait

dad kissing newborn son on top of the head

close up of baby feet, dad holding newborn against chest

mum holding her newborn, view of back of newborn in onesie with legs dangling

mum and dad in white cotton clothes holding newborn son on a park bench in phoenix park dublin

dad holding newborn son and gazing into his eyes in phoenix park. best newborn photographer dublin moments

dad holding newborn son as newborn seemingly points a finger at dad in a comical way

mum kissing newborn son on cheek, close up of their faces with background of trees and shade


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