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Why it's good to have a natural newborn photography at home session

Updated: Apr 2

6 reasons why it's a good idea to schedule your newborn photography Dublin session at home

  1. Window of time. Within the first two weeks of birth baby is still all curled up. Hands and feet are still tucked together tightly as they were during pregnancy. This is a great time to capture the "newness" of baby. First weeks & days in the world. Also the time you can barely find the time to drag a comb through your hair, take a shower, make a meal. Although you're in a bubble of love with your baby, it is a time where everything revolves around being a new parent. For that reason, a newborn session at home means you can stay exactly as you are and I come to you. This takes the stress out of preparing for a newborn shoot. The charm is in the authentic setting of your home & family life

tiny newborn girl less than two weeks old holding her fingers up to her face like a fan. In a white onesie on a white sheet on master bed. best natural newborn photographer moments Dublin by cara hodge
All curled up

little baby curled on bed with close up of mum & dad hands dressing him on bed
Tiny & New

  1. Natural documentary photography. At home newborn photography means I can do a documentary style session around the natural, authentic way you interact with your baby. There is no studio set up so the story behind each picture is your life as it is. No fuss or frills. The magic is in capturing all the details of how you are bonding with your newborn. Cuddles on the sofa or bed, feeding baby, holding tiny baby feet & hands. Exploring your family interactions in the different rooms of your house, including the living room & master bedroom & where there is good light for family portraits.

mum and dad cuddling up to their newborn on the master bed in the bedroom with baby in a colorful all in one outfit. at home newborn photography dublin

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Below, this furry member of the family gets his ears played with by dad. Then the licking of the baby toes - spontaneous moments, as they happen!

dad playing with dogs ears as mum watches, feeding baby

dog in mum's arms licking newborn baby toes as baby held by dad

mum lying across bed and turned to camera smiling as she holds newborn boy framed by lamp shade in a corner
Holding baby boy

  1. Natural light. There is a beauty to all natural light family photography. An opportunity for finding the unique, beautiful light in your home. I usually schedule newborn family sessions around 10/10.30am when the morning light is soft & mellow. I will make the most of natural light in unusual places. Window light is a favorite for newborn family portraits. Window light can produce dramatic pictures with high contrast between light & shade. I will also look out for sky lights, reflections off mirrors, light hitting a wall with an interesting pattern. Looking out for interesting opportunities for lighting family portraits

  2. All the family is welcome. Of course, as with my outdoor family photography Dublin sessions, all the family is welcome. I love to include siblings with my newborn at home sessions. Older brother & sister portraits with baby as well as on their own. If you have pets, I love to include them as well. Cats in the background of a family portrait with baby can add to a homely feel. Also, if extended members of the family want to be included, for example grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, I will include them as well. I have options for extended family sessions if the family is over 14 people!

at home family photographer Dublin with grandma holding baby with her daughter and new mum on a sofa bathed in soft window light. award winning newborn & family photographer dublin

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  1. Flexibility. As I come to your home, there is the option to schedule your baby shoot at the most convenient time. I find this is often the morning, but I can shoot any time of the day as long as there is some natural light. That way I can fit around a busy family schedule! Also I don't need to worry about the weather. I can shoot family pictures inside even if there is lashing rain outside. We are free from concerns about the unpredictable Irish weather!

  2. Variety. You can expect a variety of different pictures from our time together. The documentary style pictures of you interacting with your baby. Also environmental portraits of your baby & other family members & pets. Also included are the little details, such as baby hands & feet. That way you will have a gallery of all the best moments from our time together. I will make sure to have some classic black & white newborn portraits as well as vibrant color.

detail of newborn baby girl's fist clenched and appearing fro, a cotton textured white baby blanket. award winning newborn family photographer dublin. at home baby portrait by cara

Detail of a heart on a bunny as baby fades into soft focus. Playing with depth of field can really bring out the little details!

bunny with heart in focus and newborn on bed in soft focus

I always like to include the cutest little baby feet!

baby feet on soft duvet in detail and soft focus
Baby feet

More soft focus baby feet....

mum holding newborn baby feet as she lies on bed and smiles, soft focus detail
Baby Feet

For more information on my natural at home newborn photo shoots Dublin, please contact me HERE. I look forward to chatting with you! My regular newborn at home family sessions last an hour with some time extra to settle baby or feed baby. At home newborn family sessions can be throughout the year, rain or shine

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mum holding newborn on a bed in window light

mum and dad smiling with heads together holding newborn baby boy between them

mum and dad holding each other as mum sits on a stool in kitchen holding baby

natural newborn portrait at home with mum and dad holding newborn baby boy on bed

newborn baby portrait with mum holding newborn son close to her chest on master bed. at home newborn photography dublin

newborn at home photo shoot, detail of mum holding tiny newborn feet. at home newborn photographer dublin

close up of newborn in mum and dads arms

newborn son on mums lap as dad touches face gently with his finger

mum and dad leaning over newborn son lying on blanket on bed at home


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