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Birthday party photo shoot, Dublin. At home celebrations

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

At home birthday party photo shoot Dublin with all the family. Grandparents, parents & grandchildren. The end of summer, a weekend in August.

A beautiful garden filled with red dahlias provided a festive, colorful backdrop for child & family birthday party portraits at home. (at home birthday party photo shoot Dublin).

I loved focusing on grandad blowing up balloons in the garden for his grandchildren. These are some of my fave pictures from the session, providing lots of candid, fun moments.

grandad tying baloon for one of his grandchildren. birthday party photoshoots. At home birthday party photographer dublin. natural family photographer dublin.

I love the contrast between the turquoise pop of color from the balloon and the red dahlia flowers in the background! Dublin gardens can provide beautiful, colorful and textured backdrops for family sessions. (8 reasons to have a family session in your own garden.)

drandad blowing a balloon as his grandson. at home child and family photographer dublin for birthday celebrations

I also captured intimate family groups: parents interacting with their children, grandparents with their grand kids. I concentrated as much as possible on honest connection. When there are small children & babies that are chaotic by nature, it is important to go with the flow & just see where the action takes me. This encapsulates my unscripted child & family photography which has a documentary approach (Fly On The Wall, Documentary family photography).

(See more candid, festive moments taken at the Downs Syndrome Dublin annual party at Fitzwilliam square, also capturing children of all ages having fun (Fitzwilliam Square, Summer Party Family Photo Shoot).

little boy burying his head in the crook of mum's arm under a birthday tarp with banner that reads Happy Birthday. at home, docmentary style birthday party photography
Hug for Mummy

I am on the look out for the sudden displays of affection that are not posed or that happen with a just little direction from me! A kiss for daddy here...(The unscripted child. Natural family photography Dublin).

little boy leaning forward in mum's arms to kiss daddy with red dahlia flowers in the background. birthday party family photo shoot at home with cara hodge photography, dublin.
Kiss For Daddy

Another favorite moment for me was when granddad stepped away from the festivities to interact with his little grandson. Tickling him on a bench.

gradndad tickling his young grandson under his arm when sitting on bench outside his house. at home family photographer dublin. for birthday parties and other important events with a documentary approach.

As well as spontaneous moments, I was looking for opportunities to frame the portraits in a fun way. Here, the kids holding the balloons was a way to frame the picture & create a different composition. I am always looking out for natural props that can be found in the environment, in this case, birthday balloons!

grandad on chair in garden with two children holding red balloons either side. birthday party photographer for natural family photography dublin. for families, children, grandchildren and grandparents.
Red Balloons

Even when I was asked to do a big group family portrait - grandparents with all the grand kids - I liked the unruly ones the best. After all, It is near impossible to have so many toddlers & excited young children standing in an orderly line! For that reason, it is WAY MORE FUN to embrace the funny faces & postures! I love how the toddler is slumped in the far right corner of the frame here.

grandpa and grandma at a birthday party with grandchildren sitting at their feet holding party balloons and one toddler slumped over in the corner of the frame. candid child and family photographer dublin for unscripted family sessions with a documentary approach
The Fall Out

Since it was a birthday party I wanted to include as many FUN moments as possible. Cutting the cake. Blowing out candles on the cake...

birthday cake arriving at a table surrounded by excited grandkids in a garden. summer birthday party photo shoot at home in dublin by cara hodge photography
Happy Birthday!

Complimentary colors in family photography can turn a simple "eyes on me" portrait into something more interesting. Here the red of her dress (below) is mirrored in the red of the dahlias and balloons. (What to wear on your family photography session Dublin). Since there was so much COLOR in this mid afternoon birthday party photo shoot, I stuck to color in the family session gallery.

mum in a red dress with her two boys, one holding a red balloon and grandad on chair under a birthday tent and red flowers in the background. at home natural family photographer dublin
Pop of red

To schedule your family session, including birthday parties, please contact me. My packages are outlined in pricing and more info is on my frequently asked questions page!

Birthday parties can also happen on location in a favorite place in Dublin, such as park (Baby's first birthday party).

I am available for birthday parties of all ages, Communions, baptisms & christenings, graduation and debs parties. All these events can be celebrated at a venue, inside or outside, as well as your own home and garden. Also regular family sessions for no particular reason other than wanting memorable pictures to treasure!

Cara x


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