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Family Photo shoot Dublin. What to wear?

Updated: May 5, 2023

What to wear on a family photo shoot Dublin is a question I'm often asked...

I tend to give wardrobe tips about a week-10 days before a session. These are tips you can follow to a T or get inspiration from.

The most important on any family photo session, Dublin, is that you are COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN. When you're comfortable & relaxed, the magic can happen!

With that said, here are the tips I give out!


The main thing is to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, dress up or keep it really casual, either is fine!

For colors, no need to be totally matching but complimentary. Totally matching can look a bit contrived. Instead, you want to give the impression of effortlessness & ease (!)

Nature based colors across a family can work really well. Just as an example - greens, browns, beige, blue & white across a family. Feel free to play with your favorite combinations though, there are so many possibilities.

These colors found in nature will give a natural feel to the family pictures, as if you are part of the landscape rather then detracting from it.

Earth toned colors only can also be an instant hit! Beige, brown, burnt orange & rusty red, charcoal grey... Earth tones will give a really natural, effortless feel to family portraits in an outdoor setting.

You can pay attention to the texture of the clothes as well, combining organic materials together increasing the nature based mood. Wool, cotton, sheepskins, suede for a natural look.

Neutrals will always work well, whatever the occasion. White is a popular, classic choice and does not detract from the family or scenery. Black can also be striking in a natural setting, and like white, will not distract. Neutrals can also be mixed in with the earth tones

Vintage clothes such as pure white cotton or lace dresses with a "Victoriana" feel can give a timeless feel to family portraits. These simple clothes can work really well for child & baby portraits

In spring, on my cherry blossom family sessions Dublin, I often find adding pastels to the wardrobe can work beautifully with the white and pink of Spring blooms. Light pink & white reflect the palette of spring flowers. Light blue compliments a blue sky.

Also, spring & summer beach family sessions can work well with a pastel palette which compliments a blue sea & sky

But what if you LOVE color? Bright & unapologetic?

For example, you absolutely do want to wear bright pink or red?

Here's the thing, bright colors can work too...There are just a few things to keep in mind when opting for a color pop on your family photography Dublin session...

If one person wants to wear a bright color like red or orange, say, it can be good to have others wearing a pop of the same.

That way, the eye is not drawn straight to the one person wearing the brightest color only. Always keep in mind that the eye will always go to brightest color first.

Classic patterns such as checked shirts can work well across a family and give a timeless feel. However, I would avoid slogan T shirts wherever possible. Also heavy contrasting or busy patterns across a family can be distracting. As a general rule, simple is best!

Remember the beauty of natural family photography is being able to focus on the interactions and connection between family members. An attractive wardrobe will add to the beauty of the gesture & expression without unnecessary distractions!

Simple accessories can work well across a family. As simple as using the same color ribbon to tie up a pony tail across a group. Complimentary hats & scarves if it's a winter family photo shoot. In fact, hats can add points of interest to family portraits in all seasons! They help focus the interest on to the face

For outdoor sessions, a blanket can be really useful for sitting portraits, also in a neutral color so as not to steal the show!

Feel free to bring any sentimental props, toys & soft toys for any newborn, baby or small child. This is your family session so personalize as you wish. You can also change coat, scarves, jumper, hat....there is time for easy wardrobe swaps on an outdoor shoot so have a play if you'd like to

For beach or park sessions, depending on the session mood, it can be fun to bring in props. Bunches of flowers, fresh or dried, can be really pretty to hold.

There is no need for perfect make up as I can use Photoshop to smooth any blemishes from the skin!

To book your family photography Dublin, Contact me. I specialise in natural newborn at home, as well as outdoor sessions for newborns, babies, children & families. I have over 10 years experience photographing families

I have a range of packages so plenty of options to choose from. Best family photography moments from our session together is the popular digital only package. All pictures are carefully hand edited. There are also packages that include bespoke, handcrafted albums & mounted print boxes as well as professional, gallery quality mat printing

Go to my family photo shoot Dublin page here, to see more recent lifestyle & family highlights and wardrobe pictures.

And for more tips on how to book, what to expect from light, location, weather & wardrobe tips, I answer more frequently asked questions here:

Have a great week, Cara xx

family photo shoot Dublin  portrait with mum, dad and two baby boys in matching beige earth toned aran jumpers

mum, dad, two boys and baby girl in wardrobe of green and blues

summer debs portrait in earth toned dress and straw hat

spring debs portrait with girl in pastel pink jumper matching cherry blossom tree. for family photo shoot dublin

young woman in pastel light pink dress complimenting light blue of sea and sky

dad holding baby son, dressed in blue shirts and pop of red

debs portrait with young woman in naeutral cream coat complimenting white and light pink cherry blossom

family portrait with siblings hugging in complimentary checked shirts for holy commmunion family photo shoot Dublin at home in garden

girl in a lace dress curled up in playground equipment

group family communion portrait with family in bright colored dresses on hotel balcony, in window light. communion family photo shoot Dublin


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