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Candid Christmas family photo shoot. Killiney Hill, Dublin

Updated: May 11, 2023

A small selection from a recent winter family photo shoot Dublin.

A candid Christmas family photo shoot. This was a wonderful session with extended family reuniting in Dublin for the festive season!

Grandparents, parents & their children. Grandchildren, cousins, nieces & nephews.

The children played so well together. This was a fun filled, light filled winter session!

Around Killiney hill, there are panoramic views over the sea. Also woodland walks with plenty of moss covered stones for families to have sitting portraits taken.

The woods provided opportunities for climbing trees & playing hide & seek.

A fallen log in the woods made the ideal perch for intimate family portraits & group family portraits

On my family photo shoots Dublin, I want everyone to feel comfortable & relaxed!

On this occasion, games like hide & seek let the children be themselves. To relax into play. Play creates opportunity for candid child & baby pictures. Grandpa & grandpa helping a little boy to jump off a log or climb a tree!

With large groups, as well as "eyes on me", traditional group photos, I also give prompts to have everyone interacting with each other naturally.

For example, I might direct some people to look directly into the camera whereas others might look at each other instead. This gives a really natural, impromptu feel to the portraits. They look less stiff, more fun & relaxed!

Children especially like to be given things to do! Also I often say that the most important thing is not to smile but just to engage in a way that is genuine. And keep your eyes open!

My autumn & winter family photo shoots are perfect for making Christmas cards. For creating memories to look back on & cherish over the years.

Autumn color is the perfect backdrop for a family session. Winter in Dublin also means beautiful crisp light & an earlier golden hour. No need to wait up as in the summer months for flattering end of day lighting! Golden hour gives a soft golden glow to family pictures

For more Christmas family photo shoot in Dublin please check HERE

Now, rather than picking your favorite moments from the gallery, my packages means you simply get ALL THE BEST MOMENTS from my Dublin family photo shoots.

After the session, I will download the pictures & go through them and choose the best 60-70 images from our time together.

You can see some recent natural family photography Dublin sessions here. I cover all the best family photography moments including natural Communion photography at home or church. See more HERE

I hand edit each one carefully, checking for color, contrast, sharpness, temperature. The best pictures are then showcased in a password protected online gallery system.

There is a personalized cover for each family which means you can see the high-res picture quality straight away on the cover!

From there, pictures can be downloaded at high-res from the gallery.

I have options for printing gallery quality prints at all sizes. From small console frames to large wall hanging art. Mat prints are very popular.

There is the option to purchase handcrafted luxury albums as well as mounted print boxes and gallery quality prints. As part of a package or a la carte

My three packages are outlined here where I go over in detail the print products & albums I also offer HERE

Contact me HERE for your family photo shoot Dublin. Autumn, winter & Christmas family photography, Dublin. Also mini family photography Dublin sessions throughout all the 4 seasons!

Including newborn & baby on location or natural at home newborn photography sessions!

Cara xx

family picture with mum and dad holding baby boy upside down and older brother watching

girl peering behind tree and whispering

grand dad walking baby girl across fallen log

group family portrait with everyone interacting naturally

traditional group family portrait, killiney hill dublin

family portrait with two sisters in multi colored coats looking at leaf

two sisters hugging

mum hugging her son, intimate family portrait

mum hugging older daughter, christmas portrait dublin

christmas group family portrait, family hugging on fallen log in bright clotes, winter coats, hats, scarves

mum kissing two daughters

dad holding toddler girl in the woods

group family portrait

mum kissing two girls in rainbow jackets

dad hugging baby girl, christmas family picture


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