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In the frame this week...

If you're in Dublin you'll know the level restrictions are still in place. So, in between reading (The new Robert Galbraith Strike novel), watching Season 4 of The Crown on Netflix (whatever else, it's beautifully filmed), and trying new muffin recipe's, (I'm going for strawberry & white chocolate today), and jogging (lots & lots), I've had time for some personal work. My favourite type of photography, as ever: Black & White Child Portraits. I remember posting one of these frame portraits during summer, but lately, I've revisited my "Frame within a Frame" series. Here are a few more. Some have a more natural, spontaneous quality. Others are a bit more staged. When it comes to Child & Family photography, though, I'm not that fussed about things being staged or not. Props, no props. What matters to me is that there is a authentic connection in the picture. I am a sucker for catch-lights in the eyes. It's a glint of mischief & fun. I love the end of day light in these pictures. The location is the meadow in front of the house in France. Gorgeous golden-hour sunlight as the sun dips. I think I have a few more from this series still to do. I also like the play on shapes in the foreground & background. The rectangular old picture frame. The arms wrapped around his head making another rectangular frame. The house in the background. The window. The triangular turreted roof. Aside from this, I also had the time this week to do up a black & white portrait of my niece among the hydrangea. I had this one in colour before, in my last post, but I had a go at a conversion. I think I actually prefer the colour one but it's always good to experiment. Autumn photoshoot in a Glastonbury garden - more of that soon. Anyways, that's all for this week. Stay covid-19 safe. Hopefully the restrictions will lift on Decemeber 1st here in Ireland and we can taste a bit more freedom in time for Christmas! Good news about the vaccine, perhaps there is an end in sight!

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