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Quick Catch Up. Communion, baptism, graduation...

Like, I said, this is just a wee catch up to keep my blog as up to date as I can manage. I keep hearing "Google loves fresh content" so here I am trying my best to be FRESH

Before my trip to NYC last week for Florence's graduation, I had a hot few weeks of photoshoots that came all at once. 100's of pictures edited a week before my trip...This is just a taster of what's to come...

First off, I had a newborn at home photoshoot in Ballsbridge, Dublin. A chance to capture some really sweet newborn feet on a pure white duvet. I love it when one of the feet is in sharp focus and you can still see the fragile newborn redness on the skin. The rest of the baby falling away into dreamy soft focus. Because everything about baby is deliciously soft, it's lovely to shoot wide-open & keep everything a barely-there softness.

Next up was a family session, with a toddler and younger baby in Blackrock, Dublin. This session was done partially inside the home and then outdoors. There was a green space right outside with a lovely mature tree, and a carpet of purple flowers. Inside, mum had set up an impromptu area for more classic portraits with a chair & arrangement of soft toys. Outside was perfect for more informal family portraits. The aim was to have a large family portrait to hang on the living room wall. More on that session later. Here, I just have a close up of baby in his dapper blue dungarees!

There was also a repeat family, a lovely family I had done a Christmas session for during the pandemic. We went to the same Blackrock garden I like to use, and it was wonderful because of all the spring blossom in bloom. It was particularly lovely as there was a gorgeous HUGE pink blossom tree. Although it was lightly raining, the session went ahead with the tree acting as a handy umbrella. The session was only 45 minutes, cut short by the drizzle, but I managed to have some lovely shots. Rain does make the colors of nature so vivid! Also, the perfect setting for the children to climb the blossom tree and take some family portraits in the branches. Mum, dad, two boys and a baby girl - well she had grown up! - she was a true baby when I first photographed her for Christmas cards. Can't wait to share more from my spring session on the blog soon...

There was a wonderful Holy Communion session which was taken after the event at the church in a hotel & golf course near Howth, Dublin. The hotel was a perfect setting for family portraits on the old wood stairs & balcony. We also went down to the beach. Way more on this session later...I am delighted with the final pictures so can't wait to share from the full gallery. The little Communion girl looked adorable in her pure white communion gown & she was a character, too, along with her loving, charming older sister. I made sure to let them play, run & twirl on the beach. More on these two later!

Finally, there was a baptism for a little boy I also photographed last year with his parents in a Blackrock park. This time we went to Stonybatter for the baptism in a Greek Orthodox church. This was an absolute favorite family photoshoot of mine. Capturing this family in the midst of such a special celebration was truly wonderful. I loved the documentary family style of this photoshoot & can't wait to share the pictures.

And, of course, there was my own daughter's graduation in New York, which I blogged about just last week. My trip to NYC - also a trip down memory lane as we used to live there - was a wonderful opportunity for me to celebrate her graduation & four long years of study, two years at Trinity College Dublin & two years at Columbia University, NYC. I have some pictures from this wonderful event on my family highlights page now. Can't wait to show them off in a gallery on my photoshoots page. Above all, I can't wait to pick a few to print myself.

PRINT PRINT PRINT. It's always special to have the favorites printed, the pictures come to life, they feel real. There is nothing like getting a favorite picture printed and having it in a frame!

Here is just a sample of just a few of these photoshoots I have mentioned here. I have still to create the galleries for these sessions under the Photoshoots section of this website, showcasing some of the most heart-warming, authentic moments.

I love to capture families in an genuine, timeless & emotive way. if you'd like your family photographed here in Dublin, either a family, baby, newborn, or lifestyle session, please get in touch...I'd love to hear from you

Have a fab week, Cara x

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