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Seeing at home newborn photography in a new light

Updated: Feb 20


This was the most gorgeous newborn at home photography session in Dublin, in the heart of Irish Town.

This sweet newborn girl was only two weeks old, still all curled up! I adore her hand gestures and how content she looked throughout our precious session together.

There was such a natural intimacy between mum, dad & baby girl & it is always an honor to capture the first few weeks of life. There is nothing quite like the bubble of love that exists between a parent and new baby. A bubble that gently must shut out the external world, at least for a period of time, so the whole focus of attention is turned to the domestic scene. The newborn right at the center of the home.

And with that said, one of the challenges for an at home newborn photographer is sussing out the light in a house or apartment for the first time.

As a natural light family photographer Dublin, it is important to make the most of any lighting condition inside.

Well, I lucked out BIG TIME for this at home shoot because the light was EXTRAORDINARY. It is a dream to come across this sort of dramatic light. By dramatic I mean strong or powerful contrast between light & shade, whites & blacks. Here is an example of the dramatic light coming in through the front door that illuminated the No.3 house sign, projected on the wall of the hall. To capture this I had to expose for the shadows putting this adorable couple in silhouette! This is a lighting effect a photographer can only dream of when trying to capture family scenes inside in a compelling & imaginative way.

The light in this house was also diffused through the wood shutters. The slats on the shutters created intriguing patterns across the wall and furniture, which in turn lit up the family for family portraits with baby beautifully. I love this picture with the soft light making patterns across the sofa as mum gazes lovingly at her new daughter.

new mum gazing at newborn baby girl on sofa as light makes patterns across the sofa. for at home newborn photography in dublin by cara hodge. natural newborn pictures in beautiful light

Of course, newborn baby girl is DEFINITELY the star of the show here, but great indoor lighting will help newborn portraits "come to light", literally.

Emotive family photography can be enhanced in painterly light.

I love the portraits that focus on the love mum & dad have for their newborn baby and, of course, for each other. The most important thing in natural at home family pictures - even more important (...way more important...) than the lighting conditions - is to capture the raw emotion as honestly as possible.

My Fly On The Wall documentary newborn photography aims to do just that. Capturing honest, truthful moments as they arise in natural scenes throughout your home. When the focus is on CONNECTION above all else, all lighting conditions can produce dramatic, emotive & natural family pictures.

See more of this beautiful family at home HERE

two mums lying on bed hugging with newborn girl curled up beside them and little baby girl at foot of bed looking naturally into the camera as she holds a small toy. at home family photography dublin. using soft window light for natural newborn at home portraits

There is no need for a big tidy up of your home, the chaos of a new baby is to be expected. Simply throw open the curtains, roll up the blinds and LET IN THE SUNLIGHT!!

I love to include all family members in the newborn photo shoot including the furry ones. Here is a newborn at home photo shoot Dublin where I included older brother and the kitty on the sofa. As well as all the family together, I love to include sibling portraits too. You can see more of this at home newborn photo shoot HERE

Small toddler boy holding his cat and a toy car on the sofa. for an at home newborn photography Dublin session where all family members are included

As much as I do love to include classic child & baby portraits - the "eyes on me" portraits, I also make sure my family pictures are NATURAL. For newborns that means naturally posed, just the way they are in the moment. It is very helpful to use soft blankets to lie baby down on wherever there is a good source of natural light. Here is an example of a natural newborn picture by the window. I love to include color as well as classic, timeless black & white newborn photography in my family galleries. You can see more of this story HERE & here,

newborn baby girl lying naturally curled on a blanket at home by a window. natural at home newborn photography Dublin by Cara  Hodge

Newborn at home photography Dublin is covered by my three popular family packages. I include all the best moments from our time together, all hand edited. There is a package that includes a handcrafted luxury album. Also professional prints and albums, including fine art books, can be ordered a la carte.

You can see more newborn pictures here on my page:

As well as frequently asked questions about preparing for a newborn or family photography session, Dublin here:

More on this beautiful photo shoot & family soon. In the meantime, to book your baby or newborn at home session, take a look at my Baby & Newborn gallery and contact me using the Get In Touch form HERE

Have a great week, Cara x

mum, dad holding baby girl in dramatic hallway light, at home newborn session dublin

mum, dad holding newborn girl in dramatic beam of natural light shining through a doorway, at home newborn dublin

natural light newborn session at home with lmum, dad watching over newborn girl and mum kissing her baby's face in window light

mum leaning over baby lying asleep on the sofa with beam of natural light in background. for at home newborn photographer Dublin by Cara

dad holding newborn in his arms, close up of newborn girl's hair. for natural newborn photography at home Dublin with cara hodge. award winning newborn & family photographer dublin


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