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Indoor Family & Baby Portraits

More from my recent two-baby photoshoot. That's not twin babies but two baby sisters born not more that a year apart!

I specialize in natural authentic family moments. Moments of genuine connection. However, sometimes a family portrait to hang on the wall is very much desired. Also the "all eyes on the camera" sort of portrait. A traditional family portrait for wall hanging or showcased in a favorite frame.

A few weeks old baby can't sit up yet, and the one year old sister just wants to...PLAY. And who can blame her. That's what babies & toddlers do BEST. However I did my best to get the family portrait.

The trick is to start with the group photo. Not anything else. If I start photographing one baby by themselves, as I love to do, if they then tire of the camera there is NO WAY they will sit for the family portrait. So I'll say it again (even just to remind myself): I do love individual baby portraits, but if the family shot is the most important one, it absolutely has to take precedence.

Decide on how & where everybody will sit. This means that those precious seconds to get it right won't be wasted with unnecessary adjustments

Then know you will have maybe, at best, 10 seconds to get this right.

You can see in this series that the first couple of shots, everyone is looking - and then, seconds after - everything has changed. Slightly older baby sister has had enough of this, I want to CRAWL & JUMP & BE ME!

There are some delightful moments with newborn baby girl, her hands clasped. I love paying special attention to hands and feet, they convey so much emotion & expression. I also love her cute white wool hat

My special offer for newborn photography is at present 20 complimentary minutes. This allows time for newborn baby to settle, feed, and just be cranky. As ever, there is option to purchase a full gallery of 60 edited pictures or the half gallery of edited pictures. All pictures are soft edited for color, contrast, vibrance & temperature.

After the chosen selection is made I go in and do any retouching. This usually means slightly smoothing skin, seeing to any slight stains and blemishes.

The pictures look wonderful printed on a mat finish, but if there is a large gallery of favorites the handmade fine art baby book is a wonderful way to look back at your precious memories. Available in a variety of covers and colors, from organic material to leather. Also with different engraving styles. A real keepsake to treasure your baby's first weeks in the world

Have a wonderful week x

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