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At Home Newborn Photographer Dublin


Newborn pictures are often done within the first couple of weeks, when baby is still all curled up. But whenever you feel ready is always a perfect time.

I LOVE the gorgeous hand and feet gestures newborn babies make when they are still all curled up...

newborn curled up on bed with hand fanning face. for natural newborn at home photography by cara in dublin
Little One

Newborn feet are a detail I love to focus on. Newborns like to kick and as they did in the womb, within the first two weeks of birth....This little one was truly tiny with her feet still all crunched up...those tiny toes! There was gorgeous window light and so she was placed on a blanket right by the window to highlight her feet.

detail of newborn baby feet and toes on a pink soft blanket in window light
Tiny Toes

More of this newborn baby girl all curled up and clasping her face with her tiny hands on the bed. A soft white duvet makes a lovely, simple backdrop...

newborn baby on bed with hands clasping face and legs and feet curled. natural newborn at home photographer dublin
Hug Me

And here is another one...Sometimes you don't even need to see a cute little face when the hands do all the talking. There is no need for a big tidy up for a newborn at home session, but I just ask that the master bed be made up & for any clutter to be cleared up around the master bed. That's because the bedroom is an ideal place to photograph your newborn!

newborn with hands holding face in a onesie on white bed linen at home. natural newborn at home family portraits
Little Hands

Here (below) even in a bedroom with very low light, I love the detail of newborn baby girl's tiny fingers wrapped around her dad's. I also love this couple's matching jeans and white T-shirts. Simple, relaxed clothes can be better for your newborn at home sessions, even PJ's are welcome. Think about what you'd be comfortable photographed in when lying back in bed with your new baby...

dad's hands gently clasping newborn baby girl's fingers on master bed. at home newborn photographer dublin
Hold My Hand

This very recent (January 2024) newborn at home photography session took place on a morning that was overcast and lashing with rain. This meant it was dark inside the home (very dark!).

It was important to use the available window light in the master bedroom & other places.

I usually turn off over head artificial lighting and avoid using flash in my newborn sessions, however this time I included the lighting cast by a lamp on the wall of the bedroom. It added color & movement. I also used flash in some pictures.

Here is dad (below) holding his gorgeous baby daughter.

dad holding newborn baby daughter on edge of bed in window light. natural newborn at home photograther dublin by cara hodge, award winning newborn and family photographer
Dad & his girl

Even when baby is a little older (below), there is something about capturing a small baby in dad's arms that is so classic. I love baby boy's intent expression as he drinks his bottle of milk...I also like baby & dad's matching white shirt, helps make this look like a timeless baby portrait.

baby boy in white shirt and dungarees matching dad's white shirt drinking from a baby bottle. timeless baby and newborn in home family portraits
Bottle of Milk

As well as using window light, I made the most of reflections in mirror. Here, the light in the bathroom was artificial from the mirror.

I always include a mix of color & natural newborn at home. In black & white in my galleries.

dad holding baby daughter in mirror with mum watching. newborn sessions at home, newborn family photographer dublin with natural unposed newborn family portraits

When the lighting is more challenging or mixed, as was the case on this newborn at home shoot, black & white can keep the focus on family. See Seeing at home Newborn photography in a new light for more dramatic indoor lighting.

Here (below) a close up in black & white of mum getting to know her newborn girl on the sofa.

mum gently touching baby girl's face on the sofa
Getting To Know Her

This picture below is a fun moment with a bit of posing that I think the family will remember in years to come. I love dad holding the balloons in the lamp light that resembles a halo. Mum looks fab in her silky PJ's, perfect natural clothes for in home baby pictures!

mum holding newborn baby girl as dad holds a banner with name on it under a halo of lamp light

At a newborn shoot at home, I also like to focus on the connection between mum & dad as they get to know their baby for the first time. This is such a precious time, a real "bubble of love", away from the world.

We can also use the garden at your home

Below slightly older baby in mum's arms in the courtyard garden. A mix of indoors at home newborn & baby pictures, and outside gives a good mix in your gallery and a variety of lighting.

mum in red arong holding a baby boy in her arms whilst sitting on bench in garden. at home newborn photographer and in your garden at home
Kiss Me

Newborn & baby shoots in the garden are perfect to capture a slightly older baby girl walking on a daisy lawn. On my newborn shoots, I will capture all the family including older siblings, pets and other family members & friends

baby girl walking with her mum across lawn in garden. newborn in home shoots can include older siblings and all the family

When baby photo shoots start off in a different venue but end up at home

As well as newborn at home family sessions, I like to photograph baptisms & christenings, and that might mean taking pictures of baby and family celebrating after the mass! Photo shoots can start off in a different venue, in this case church, and end up at home!

baby baptised at font in church held by dad. baptism and newborn photo shoots at church and celebrating at home with all the family

baby putting on tshirt and socks at home with mum and dad helping
Getting Dressed

The wonderful thing about a newborn family photo shoot in the comfort of your own home is that you don't have to travel anywhere, I can come to you. This can keep things natural, fun & fuss free. It is possible to do a whole photo shoot just on and around the master bed, but also to use other favorite locations throughout the house. The house can become an extra character in your newborn story!

I have a number of different shoots available. Starter, Gems, Keepsake & Documentary.

An hour long shoot allows for some classic family portraits as well as a few more candid documentary style shots. Longer shoots allow me to cover more documentary style moments, or a slice of life.

Two babies at home photo shoot Dublin.

Back to my older post on two babies at home session. This session was done a couple of years ago when a couple wanted some family portraits on the bed with their two baby girls. I specialize in natural family photography, often with a documentary approach. However I do make room for classic family portraits with baby as well. I like to have a mix. If I am doing a more classic at home baby or newborn portrait, I usually aim to do it at the start of the session when everyone is fresh and lively...

Decide on how & where everybody will sit. This means that those precious seconds to get it right won't be wasted with unnecessary adjustments

Then know you will have maybe, at best, 10 seconds to get this right.

You can see in this series that the first couple of shots, everyone is looking - and then, seconds after - everything has changed. Slightly older baby sister has had enough:

I want to CRAWL & JUMP & BE ME!

There are some delightful moments with newborn baby girl, her hands clasped. I love paying special attention to hands and feet, they convey so much emotion & expression. I also love her cute white wool hat!

Newborn & family pictures look wonderful printed as Giclee pigment prints on a mat finish, but if there is a large gallery of favorites the handmade fine art book is a wonderful way to look back at your precious memories. Available in a variety of covers and colors, from organic material to leather. Also with different personalization styles.

A real keepsake to treasure your baby's first weeks in the world! I also now offer a package of framed Giclee pigment prints as well as digital only packages.

Professional family photographer Dublin. Natural newborn at home photographer (well, with some more traditional family pictures mixed in if you're keen! For more at home newborn portraits Dublin please go HERE & HERE

More about my at home newborn photography Dublin here

And how to prepare for a session at home with your newborn & family

Have a wonderful week x

family portrait with mums and two babies, at home on bed

big sister kissing mum portrait

newborn at home session, group portrait with baby and newborn together with mums

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