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Summertime Romance! Couples photo shoot

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Don't these two look gorgeous together?!

Glowing inside and out in the summer sun...The days are long. The sun setting as late as 10pm, turning the trees to bronze and gold, (as though autumn has come and not the height of summer!)

These pictures were taken on a old farm track on the edge of the woods not far from our home, and in the fields dotted by the typical French hay bales.

In the summer of 2018, before our move to Dublin, Ireland. It was also the summer after Florence's graduation from school. See the complete story, Summer Romance France, HERE.

Teenagers change so much in a short space of time!

In this couples photo shoot, we used a wheelbarrow for the pair of them to stand & sit in both individually and together! I have more summer wheelbarrow portraits here.

I love taking pictures of older children, teenagers & adults. Having teenagers myself, I understand how important it is to have portraits of our older children. particularly around graduation & debs. I also have a page dedicated to engagement, couples & maternity. For engagement & couples photo shoot Dublin we can do an outdoor photo shoot in a place you love. Take a stroll and let the sparks fly naturally.

I love a mix of classic portraits as well as natural, care free moments. Documentary style Fly On The Wall photography means taking pictures as things unfold, particularly good for event photography before, after, or during the occasion.

I am passionate about black & white photography. However there are times when color is wonderful for conveying mood and emotion and to convert to black & white would lose something of the essence of the photograph.

Now that Dublin has entered a period of stricter lock down with covid-19, it is a good time to go through old pictures for my client section.

Contact me for portraits, engagement, maternity, new baby, family, graduation, debs photography, family photography Dublin...and any other special occasion.

That's special occasions big, small & tiny.

Ordinary moments of connection within your special day.

Cara x

a teenage girl in a red dress in a summer meadow

teenage girl in a red dress in a wheelbarrow in meadow with boyfriend pushing the barrow

a teenager couple standing inside a wheelbarrow under a sunlit tree on a country lane

teenage couple with girl in red dress standing in a wheelbarrow

 girl in a red dress and billowing sleeves standing in a wheelbarrow in a country lane

 boy lying inside a wheelbarrow on a woodland track under tall trees with girlfriend in red dress standing by

girl in a red dress sitting in a wheelbarrow, nonchalant

girl in a red dress draped across an old wheelbarrow on a lane in summer

girl sitting in wheelbarrow on a summer evening under a tree

boy leaning against a circular hay bale

boy sitting on a haybale laughing in a hawain shirt

a girl twirling happily in a red dress by hay bales

girl leaning against haybale in a red dress

couple standing by a road sign outside a village hamlet in the summer

couple leaning against a road sign

teenager boy laughing against a road sign

girl leaning moodily against a road sign

couple sitting on a wheel barrow on a country lane in the middle of the countryside

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