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Tick along, week beginning February 15th

Updated: May 7, 2021

Another week, another blog post. It’s important to keep the SEO sprightly in my little corner of the web during this third wave of lockdown. Here in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve had some recent requests for family & newborn photoshoots, but I can’t wait to get stuck in properly when this third wave is over. And springtime is properly here! With all the new buds and blossom! Cherry blossom, especially. All that glorious pink & cream & white. I love it when it drifts gently from the bough, dusting the grass and streets in a pink haze. I can’t think of a better season for outdoor photography, and child & family photoshoots, here in Dublin. And especially around beautiful Blackrock. And I think the chink of light is here, at the end of the tunnel, folks, and there is hope that things (by things, I mean all covid-related-things...) will really start to shift soon. (I‘ve got my fingers and toes crossed that my little man can start back at school, too. He misses his friends so much). Anyways, in the meantime, here is a trip down memory lane. Pictures taken of my son with an over sized magnifying glass. I love a portrait with strong eye contact. Where I can capture the expression, the catch-lights. The glint of mischief in his eyes. The tenderness. This magnifying glass was just the ticket. Really great fun to play around with. I love the way that elements in the environment get magnified in the glass too. Dust and scratches can add a lot of texture to a portrait. Sharpening elements of the portrait also really adds points of interest. When I’m editing a favourite black and white photograph, I love focusing on certain details in the frame. Obvious features, such as freckles, and hands. But also, less obvious elements such as a leaf or twig in the corner of the frame. Everything can matter. When looking at a picture my eye rotates around the frame, taking in all four corners. So I especially like to emphasise these four points and sharpen even minor details to add texture. It’s amazing what can be drawn out of a picture just by good use of the sharpening tool. I like experimenting with different sharpening actions also. From bold brush strokes that add drama, to more subtle, fine actions that bring out all the subtle qualities. As ever, I do love an expressive black & white child or family portrait. One where the focus is on the drama of a unique expression or gesture. That’s it for this week folks. I hope you are all well and safe and holding down the fort. Hugs, Cara x

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