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Beautiful & light-filled. Baptism family portraits Dublin !

I absolutely loved doing this Orthodox baptism in Stonybatter Dublin. A quaint boho part of Dublin I had never visited before. A fun-filled, light-filled baptism in this gorgeous Greek Orthodox church.

baby held tight by mum inside a Greek Orthodox church with religious paintings hanging on walls and family milling around

There were a lot, a lot of pictures taken on this documentary family photo shoot so I will do two blogs to cover them all. More soon! It was wonderful to catch up with this particular family again. (I had already taken their baby photos the year before. That time it was an autumn family photography session in a park in Blackrock, Dublin.)

Now, on this occasion, the whole extended family was at the church in Stonybatter to celebrate this sweet little boy's Orthodox baptism. Family & friends congregated outside the church for some family portraits before the service.

Soon after, plenty more portraits were taken inside the church. Where baby interacted with family members. He particularly enjoyed chewing on his grandma's pearl necklace!

Some babies & young children shy away from the camera, however, this baby finds the camera fascinating. This makes him the perfect model for a baptism photo shoot. He is intensely curious, and not just about the camera.

He loved all the stimulation to be had in the ornate church. The golden glow of candles & lighting. The golden paintings and ornaments that heightened the glow of the light inside the church. All the flowers! The smell of incense! When the priests came in to conduct the ceremony, he was enthralled by the chanting & prayers.

When he was baptized in the urn, he did cry. However, very quickly mum & dad had him wrapped up cozy & warm in his white baptism clothes. You can see from his beaming smile how delighted he was.

This was one of my recent favorite Dublin family photo shoots because it was a chance to do natural, spontaneous documentary family photography Dublin. Capturing all the best moments authentically as they arose throughout the ceremony. I love the natural, honest family portraits that came out of this session together.

At first, in the editing process, I thought classic, timeless black & white would work well to capture these moments dramatically. However, it soon became clear that vibrant natural color captured the mood so much better, since the colors inside the church were so vibrant.

The occasion was just too golden in all senses of the word, to keep to monochrome.

I loved capturing this special baptism event. Contact me for your special occasion big, small or even very tiny. Candid Christening & baptism family photographer.

For more baptism & christening photography Dublin please see my Christening in Holy Cross Church Dublin. Baby boy and all the family grouped around the alter of Holy Cross church Dundrum, with the stained glass window in the background.

My Christening pictures can be during the mass at the church as well, as before & after, preparing & celebrating the occasion at home with family & friends.

Cara Hodge Photography - Baptism family portraits Dublin. Candid christening portraits.

Have a fab week,

Cara x

baby outside church with mum and dad

mum holding baby outside church before baptism

mum holding baby outside church

baptism family photo with grandparents

baptism portrait with dad holding baby inside church

baptism portrait with grandma holding baby. baby chewing on her necklace

baby inside church at baptism

baptism portrait with baby looking away and smiling

mum holding baby inside of church at alter

baby smiling at a candle inside church

baby laughing with uncle holding a lit candle, inside church at a baptism

lit candle in church, golden glow of church, and baby held by mum at baptism

baptism portrait with priest blessing baby

baby being baptised in water

baby getting dressed after baptism

baby putting new clothes inside church after baptism in dublin

priest performing baptism inside church, baptism portrait dublin

mum holding newly baptised baby boy inside church in dublin

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