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Family Photographer Dublin/ Best Moments

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

I love a mix of classic child portraits & documentary family photography

Documentary family photography is all about capturing moments as they unfold naturally. The natural, unscripted moments.

The ones you can't prepare for.

Child portrait photography, on the other hand, centers around the environmental child portrait.

This is about capturing an authentic picture of a child in their environment.

Where the surroundings tells something about the child's unique personality.

A tree your child loves to climb. With a dog that is their best friend...

I also specialize in natural newborn photography Dublin. This can be outdoors or in the comfort of your own home.

With at home natural newborn photography, it's all about documenting the action as you get to know your newborn.

In the first couple of weeks, baby is still all curled up. Natural newborn moments can be captured as you feed, play or sleep with your baby.

The location you choose - that you LOVE - will also give the family portraits a unique mood. As does the light!

Don't get me started on the light!

I am a pure natural light family & child photographer.

Although I will use flash in some circumstances, such as with baptisms if the light in the church is so dark the pictures will be grainy.

Other than that, natural light is the best makeover of all!

I usually recommend that my families choose to have their pictures done during "golden hour" if it's possible.

Golden hour is about 1-2 hours before the sun sets or after the sun rises.

During that time the light is lower in the sky, giving a golden glow and creating deeper, softer shadows.

This is the most flattering light for all styles of photography, including family & lifestyle.

The golden glow flatters & softens facial features & gives the pictures an attractive golden glow.

Colors may also appear deeper and more vibrant & can result in stunning edits

During a family photo shoot Dublin, I look to capture a variety of different images

Moments with you interacting as a family as naturally as possible. Capturing precious moments of connection that tug on the heart strings

I have a few tricks & games to loosen everybody up and help them to forget they are being photographed.

Children & babies respond well to a few prompts disguised as games!

Very quickly I try & make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.

When a family is comfortable & relaxed, the real magic can happen!

Small children are busy & chaotic by nature, so it's important to shoot around their interests.

If there is a tree nearby, they might want to climb it.

If it's a beach session, they might want to explore a rock pool. They may give mum or dad a spontaneous hug with no prompting from me.

The connection between everyone in a family is always the No. 1 thing to bring out in a photo shoot

I will go where the action is...

It is important for me to shoot quickly so that I don't miss the best unscripted moments. Also, I may try different camera settings to capture a different mood.

I do leave room for classic family portraits too.

That's everyone looking into the camera, usually with a smile on their face.

I think these timeless portraits can look great in a frame. Remembering how each person looked at that moment in time.

(However all pictures do best framed with love.)

I will also do a mix of close up portraits & portraits at a distance which takes in more of the surrounding landscape.

Usually my family photography Dublin is either at home. Or outdoors on location.

We could take a stroll around a beach, park, or even the city center

I love occasion photography too, such as Holy Communion & baptism or christening photography Dublin. Also debs photography

This kind of event photography can be done before, after, or during the main event. I specialize in small intimate family gatherings.

As well as photographing younger children, I love portraits of your older child, teenager or young adult child.

I know, no matter how old are children are, they are always our precious babies. I love doing debs & graduation and capturing these special occasions in our older child's life

My lifestyle & family photography has been featured internationally including in Iconic artist, Milan. Documentary Family Awards, & international child photo competition, best of black & white as well as Bored Panda & The Times, UK.

It takes about a week to two weeks to get the pictures back from your Dublin family photo shoot.

The best pictures are placed in a professional online gallery with a personalized cover.

I have a range of print products. Such as albums, handcrafted in Yorkshire, UK.

I also use a professional printers here in Dublin, for beautiful accurate prints, including popular mat printing. All sizes of printing to fit all size of frame. Mounted print boxes are also available

Print products such as albums are available as part of a package or a la carte.

All pictures are beautifully edited. In the first round of selection, pictures are edited for contrast, brightness, temperature, sharpness. In the final selection of chosen photographs, I will take into account all the details in an edit, removing any blemishes or stains on the person. As well as small cleaning up of any background elements.

I have a special passion for black & white photography. However a good black & white depends very much on the lighting in a picture. All my colors are natural & vibrant with a bit of gloss. I love deeper colors that result from low lighting conditions & golden hour, end of day light.

Cara Hodge is a professional family photographer Dublin with a special love of emotive child portraits. I have 10 plus years photographing families.

Contact me to book a session of family photography Dublin. Child, baby & newborn family portraits.

Making family photography light filled & fun

Here are some examples of some very recent lovely moments.

Cara xx

child portrait with young boy sleeping next to dog & dog peering at camera

family portrait with one girl in communion gown hugging older sister, taken on beach in Dublin

portrait of a beautiful young woman peering through an antique photo frame

child portrait featuring biy eating spahetti from a pan

newborn bay girl curled up on a blanket, at home natural newborn photo shoot Dublin

Holy communion portrait featuring girl in communion dress turning and smiling into the camera

baptism photograph with dad holding baby boy at a baptism insode church in Dublin baptism

holy communion portrait with dad holding daughter's hand running down a sand dune Dublin. Girl wearing communion dress

family portrait with sisters hugging and one in communion dress

baby boy swung by mum in Dublin park

two sisters lying in a garden

boy in a kitchine with light spot intense over one eye, award winning child portrait

mum holding newborn baby in phoenix park dublin

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