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Newborn At Home Photo shoot. Double the love!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Some pictures of a recent at home newborn photo shoot, Dublin.

This newborn photography Dublin session was double the LOVE. A precious newborn baby girl with her older old year old little sister, still very much a babe in arms!

Aren't they all gorgeous?

This newborn session was taken at home, making the most of the soft, diffused window light. With the weather being cold & wintry, it was perfect to make the most of being warm and snug inside...

This couple already had a one year old little girl as well as the 6 week old baby so their arms were full.

I had to make the most of taking baby portraits of one gorgeous baby girl and then turning my attention to the little newborn.

I was lucky enough to capture the two of them in some pictures too, looking contented.

One year old sister certainly was a busy bee. She was curious about everyone and everything!

For a typical newborn session, within 2 weeks of birth is the perfect time as newborns are still tightly curled as if still in the womb.

However some new parents need time to catch up with home life, perhaps straight out of the hospital, and getting used to a totally new really, the best time to photograph your newborn baby is whenever you are ready! This newborn at home session was done with a six week old newborn

The master bedroom provided the perfect backdrop - plush and soft - for the family portraits.

This couple dressed in matching dresses and black tights. I think the black wardrobe choice made a good contrast to the white of the bedspread and neutral tones in the room - but it's whatever you feel comfortable in.

The pale colors of the room and the babies outfits made for pretty pastel shades in the editing process...

In general, in the master bedroom, & using the bed as a backdrop, it is perfect for wearing relaxed PJ's, nightdress & robes as well. It can make this natural newborn scene very authentic and natural looking.

No need for perfectly applied makeup or to worry about skin blemishes or dark circles around the eyes, I can remove them swiftly in Photoshop if need be!

With newborn baby's natural rashes on the new skin, I like to leave it as it is. It is very much a sign of being a newborn. You can read more about preparing for a newborn family session HERE.

You can choose between owning a digital packages, professional mat or sheen prints, or order a handcrafted fine art book or matted album. My albums are designed, printed & assembled in Yorkshire, UK. They are shipped to Dublin.

An album is the perfect way to look back over those first days & weeks with your newborn, forever

Please contact me if you have any questions. Cara Hodge Photographer, natural newborn photographer. Professional family & newborn photographer Dublin. Keep your best moments forever

Cara x

big baby sister laughing with newborn on mum's lap

family portrait with two babies

parents by window with newborn and baby sister playing with lace curtain

big baby sister laughng on mum's lap

close up of breasfeeding baby with newborn and baby sister in frame

family portrait with babies and parents on bed hugging

mum with older baby, newborn at home

natural newborn photography with mum's hand holding baby

newborn at home with baby in mum's hand and baby sister being read a book

close up of older sister

baby feet detail

mum holding baby on window ledge, at home baby portrait

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