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Frozen Summer. Teenage summer portraits

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

What do you make of my ice fairy princess?

Isn't she beautiful?

When Ashley, bright & beautiful, came to stay with us in France this summer, she said she felt she was in a scene from Disney's Beauty & The Beast. The opening scenes, you know. All quaint houses, flower meadows, birds chirping, tractors carrying hay, and those very french circular hay bales.

Here's a reminder (...Little town It's a quiet village/Every day Like the one before/Little town full of little people/Waking up to say/Bonjour! Bonjour!/Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!).

I'd say this gorgeous creature is less Belle and more Elsa.

Elsa from Frozen, right?

If that hair is not rocking the frozen look, I'm not sure what is. And it's 100 % real. No bottle.

Well, I roped her in instantly for a debs style photo shoot. Lets see where the moment takes us. The meadow was perfect for teenage summer portraits of this girl. She told me this session could be the debs portraits she had always wanted!

We enjoyed ourselves, traipsing around, looking for shady corners. The light, even at golden hour, can still blaze incredibly intense in the height of summer. The old oak tree made the perfect backdrop to these lifestyle portraits.

As the light was so perfect, I haven't done a big edit for most of these color portraits.

I really like the natural colors here. For the moment, I've just lightened the pictures and added some glow.

I can't wait to share more of these soon. I'll go back and further edit a few of my faves

And have my eye on some black & white conversions too.

Aside from this, I'm very very excited to be working on brand new pages of my website this week! As a Dublin based lifestyle, family & child photographer, I'm here for lifestyle Dublin photo shoots. Special occasions, big, small & tiny. Including graduation & debs photography Dublin .As a debs photographer, photo shoots can be before or even after the event or party.

I specialize in natural family photography which is perfect for smaller, intimate family groups, as well as classic natural portraits. I also love natural documentary photography, capturing moments as they unfold naturally.

I have special packages for photo shoots. One hour or one & a half hour.s, for larger multi generational families.

So there's plenty of options to choose from. More about my special packages super soon!

And more from this shoot, with icy glam feels soon!

have a lovely week

Cara x

portrait of a beautiful young woman in white dress and large brimmed hat

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