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Winter Coat Child Portraits. Baby it's cold outside!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

January is the depth of winter here in Dublin, but we've been lucky enough to have some great winter light.

Winter light, clean & crisp!

These child portraits were taken of my own gorgeous son. Inside my own fake-fur coat.

My son looks like a bear inside it, snuggling down!

The fur coat gives some lovely soft texture for this child portrait, and the size of it means he could bury right inside the fur.

The edit here is classic, timeless black & white.

I've done my best bringing out the light and dark as dramatically as possible.

And bringing out the texture in the picture.

I love to enhance the texture of skin so it looks real here, highlighting some of those precious freckles.

I also love how well the catch lights came out well in his eyes. Catch lights refer to the lights reflected in a family, child or baby portrait.

I love LOVE catch lights. (I'm really CRAZY about them..)

Catch lights in child portraits give a gorgeous pop of light. They draw the eye in to the portrait

I also love it when a child's expression is as authentic as possible. His expression is so natural & genuine here As well as capturing moments of joy & laughter, it's important to capture more subtle emotions too. Peaceful expressions & everything in between.

Expressions don't have to be obviously dramatic to carry great meaning & depth of feeling.

Often as parents, we can look back and recognize our child most in their most serene moments. Don't get me started on sleeping babies & newborns!

Emotive family, child & baby photography is the absolute best.

Contact me for your family photography session in Dublin. For occasions, big, small and even very tiny. Most importantly, turning ordinary moments into something very precious

We can go outside for a family session, to a favorite place. On the other hand we can stay in doors & make the most of your window light in your own home. For an at home natural family or newborn session, I simply ask that you throw open the curtains or blinds & LET IN THE LIGHT...

Then the magic can happen.

I am an award winning, professional family photographer Dublin. These child portraits have been featured in Child Photo Competition, best of black & white child & family photography. Winning first, second & third place in this international child competition. As well as several Honorable Mentions & Nominees.

Have a wonderful week, Cara x

award winning child portrait of boy in fur coat

boy in fur coat with peaceful expression, child portrait, taken at home in window light

at home family session showing boy in fur coat

boy lying in soft window light, his face reflected in the window. award winning family portrait featuring a young boy

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