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2020 faves so far...

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Hey there! I am actually in sunny France, in the Perigord Noir, taking as many pictures as I possibly can. The days are long and drowsy, and given this corner of the world is so rural, the pandemic seems (finally) a long way away. Well, almost. That said, the other day I found myself in Sarlat, capital of the Perigord Noir, and found myself among an intense crush of people, holiday makers just like us, keen to wander beyond the constraints of lockdown, and most of whom were wearing masks. Anyway, I digress... I cannot wait to share my France summer holiday pictures soon. I am paying special attention to the light which is very harsh until late in the evening, and I've learned over the years to bide my time and wait. So much more of photography is spontaneous moments, intriguing gestures and enigmatic expressions. However I've learned the hard way that if the light is too hard, too brutal, it's incredibly hard to nail a good photograph whatever the mood. However in the evenings, the summer light is particularly beautiful, giving golden hour more meaning then ever as the sun goes to bed across meadows of burnt grass and hay bales. Anyway, I am in the process of clicking and not editing at the moment. All my editing will hopefully be done when things have settled, when we are back in Blackrock Dublin, and my son hopefully is back in school (something we are all hoping for). In the meantime, here are my 2020 faves so far. Many are from the 3 month period of lockdown in Blackrock, Dublin, when we were confined to our home. I made the most of the dramatic window light for portraits, and likewise the skylight in the bathroom. I converted the pictures to black & white portraits, the genre I love most. Anyway, For now it's all about making the most of the long summer days...hopefully some more portraits will come out of this long hot summer.

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