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2020 Child Portraits. Black & white faves so far...

Updated: Jul 12

So much more of child & family photography are spontaneous moments. Intriguing gestures and enigmatic expressions.

Here are are my 2020 faves so far. These pictures are PERSONAL.

They tend to be black & white because I am PASSIONATE about black & white child photography

For a great black & white child portrait you need great contrasts between highlights & shadows. Shade & light. Black & white

I like my black & white child & family photography Dublin to have a cinematic, storytelling feel

That said, I do love vibrant rich color as well!

Many of these child portraits are from the 3 month period of lock down in Blackrock, Dublin, when we were confined to our home. Along with the rest of the world

I made the most of the dramatic window light for portraits, and likewise the skylight in the bathroom

When I do an at home newborn or family photo shoot Dublin, I love to look out for good lighting spots in your home

I am a natural light family photographer so all my light source comes from the big golden lamp in the sky

(That's right. The sun.)

When I arrive in your home, I might arrive 10 mins early to see where the light is best in your home. Where it hits a wall or bounces off a mirror.

Window light is an absolute fave as it usually guarantees at least some good light. Although I am a fan of low light conditions for emotive child & family portraits, I still need to know there is some light

Aside from that I will max out any light I have inside.

For a child or family portrait, I have to take into account the environment in which the child or family portrait is shot. The eye wanders to all edges of the frame, so knowing what to include in a portrait is as important as what not to include.

If it's a personal child portrait of one of my own children, I might add a prop that is in the environment. For example, I love the addition of the teacup in the child portrait in the bathroom. The apple in the portrait of my son with apples. Or the addition of the tulips with my son lying on the carpet next to the window of my bedroom.

The little details add to the intrigue of a portrait.

I have added some client pictures at the end so you can see that I'm not just obsessed with black & white. There are times when color is a must.

I have a mix of BOTH black & white and color in my family galleries. I will show all the best pictures from the family photo shoot in color, but then add some black & whites as well. I tend to find my families choose a mix of both

In natural, diffused light - such as outdoors in a park or garden - color family portraits work beautifully

I am an award winning family photographer Dublin. I specialize in emotive child, baby & newborn portraits

Please contact me to arrange your family photo shoot. At home or a place you love.

Cara xx

award winning child portrait, boy in bath with teacup

portrait of boy under apple tree holding an apple

boy leaning on side of bath with tulip in a cup

cat passing a boy, half obscuring his face

portrait of a boy with tulips fanning around his face

little sister hugging older sister in family communion portrait

mum hugging her son in blackrock park, family portrait

mum, dad and newborn, natural newborn at home, black & white portrait

mum pressing baby boy's nose gently

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