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Sunny summer family portraits Dublin! And away...

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

I did a quick two week trip to the U.K to see family. Some summer family portraits from my whirlwind visit over there. Many were taken in the garden at the end of the afternoon

Visiting my nieces and nephews in Glastonbury, Somerset, it was all go go go. The house is being renovated so we spent a lot of time in the garden. (Untamed Summer Story).

I love the portrait of my niece in her starry dressing gown in the garden. I have a lot more to blog from my trips away.....SO I have added a few more summer child & family portraits to this post as well.

Some from a holiday in France & some from a family & newborn summer session in Phoenix park, Dublin

Summer family portraits are often going to be done outside in a location you love.

Making the most of summer sunshine & golden hour. The light is more intense in summer. A later golden hour. It can be a challenge to do family photo shoots later (to allow the light to be more mellow & flattering for the family portraits), but shade from trees can be very helpful.

Summer is the time you can have intense light. The intensity of the light can create some flares!

Summer sessions can be as simple as being in the garden. Or in a park. Or by the sea.

Or even, in a few cases, photography in the sea!

Wardrobe is easier in the summer. No need to think about layers & coats! Shed the layers, enjoy some bare skin! Summer family & lifestyle photography sessions in Dublin means you can wear THAT dress. If it's a graduation, debs or engagement session, you can plan an outfit without worrying about staying warm! In Dublin this is a rare treat in summer

if you have a newborn baby, summer is the season when you can contemplate an outdoor newborn or baby photography session .In nearby garden or park. Just bring a blanket!

No matter the season, family photography is about going with the flow. When you are enjoying being photographed, you are having the most fun. This makes the pictures come alive. The key to family photography is CONNECTION which comes when you're living in the moment.

I love to make the most of any situation, environment & light. In a typical family photography session Dublin, I will do a mixture of group shots & then focusing on individual family members as well. Families at a distance in the landscape, and then more intimate portraits.

In a typical family gallery, I will include individual portraits as part of the session.

A typical hour family session provides plenty of opportunity for a mix of images, including all the little details.

I am back in Dublin now. Looking forward to a baby photo shoot in a Dublin park later this evening. Summer family portraits Dublin - always a favorite for me.

The days are already cooling off and getting shorter.

Golden hour will be earlier & earlier as winter sets in.

I look forward to all my autumn family photography Dublin sessions & blogging a communion photography session shortly.

Contact me to find out more about my family photography packages Dublin. Or lifestyle packages for a special occasions such as maternity, engagement, couples & newborn. Including natural newborn at home when you can't leave your couch in the first days & weeks of birth! Also, debs, baptism & communion photography Dublin. Communion portraits are a perfect way to focus on expressive & emotive child portraits

I have plenty of options to choose from. Professional printing and handcrafted family albums & mounted print boxes. Luxury family keepsakes

I am a Dublin professional & award winning family photographer. Look forward to sharing more soon!

Have a lovely week

Cara xo

girl in starry dressing gown in garden, summer light

summer portrait with boy with teddy bears in the garden

boy resting in tree branch, featured in iconic artist magazine

young woman in straw hat casting shadows across her face. golden hour light in meadow

young woman in white outfit and summer hat smiling, summer graduation portrait

family portrait with mum holding newborn baby in a dublin park in summer light

family portrait with mum, dad and newborn on a blanket in dublin park

little girl in summer dress in tree, with bright sunlight

child portrait with boy on haystack with a crown of hay

summer debs portrait with young woman in pink dress on the beach in dublin

summer debs portrait with young woman sitting on garden furniture in white clothes and hat

award winning child portrait with boy in a tree

portrait of boy coming up for air in a swimming pool, summer family portrait session

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