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Baby at home photographer Dublin. Snug with mum, dad, little brother & kitty

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Natural new baby at home photographer Dublin by Cara Hodge. Here a home that's a stone's throw from Herbert Park Dublin.

Often newborn at home sessions Dublin are done within the first two weeks of birth - when baby is still all curled up. However, there is no pressure to do your baby's first pictures within a particular time frame.

Whenever you are ready is the right time & every family adapts to a new baby differently!

What matters is the bond between you, your baby & other family members. That loving connection doesn't come with an age attached! Every age - day, week, month, year - is precious. Newborn at home photography is simple & fuss free. There is no need to panic to get to a studio - I come to you. (Why it's good to have a natural newborn photography at home session).

Here, baby girl is about 8 weeks or so and can already smile! She's strong enough to kick out her arms and legs and roll around. So not a brand new newborn, but brand new enough!

When I arrived there was little brother, full of life. He is a gorgeous toddler with lots of curls. A tabby cat snoozing on the sofa. Mum, dad, and new baby girl. Also grandma was there to give a helping hand!

In this family photo shoot with baby girl, I made the most of big brother interacting with the tabby cat. I love the connection that children and adults have with their pets. Cats & dogs really bring out a spark of connection on any family photo shoot.

That's the perfect & imperfect moments captured. Life with a baby & newborn is naturally hectic! There is barely time to drag a comb through your hair, to take a shower. To get dressed. That's why my family sessions relish the unscripted moments!

Although I do send tips to prepare for my baby & newborn at home sessions Dublin, they are very basic. I know you don't have time when you are a new parent to be worrying about anything except baby. More to the point, I don't expect you to.

I simply ask that you throw open windows & blinds and LET IN THE LIGHT!

As a pure natural light photographer, I arrive 10-15 mins before your family photography session to scope out the best light in your home. I may also ask that you simply make up the master bed and clear it of clutter on either side. That's just to create a peaceful spot for family portraits. Baby clutter - clothes & blankets & toys - are all fine. Just unsightly baby monitors & plugs & cables can be cleared away if possible!

I am humbled to enter your home with my camera and take the first pictures of you & your baby. It's a privilege to see the world through your eyes in this brand new stage of life. I know it's a tight knit bubble where you exist with your baby and other children. Away from the outside world for a bit. I'm just stepping into it for a while.

I make room for traditional family portraits of you all sitting together. However, I aim to make even classic family groupings as authentic & relaxed as possible, seeking out genuine moments of CONNECTION. Gesture & expression that you recognize. My passion is mainly to document your life as you feed, bathe & play with baby. So I will spend a lot of my time simply observing & reacting to how you connect with each other.

You can see more examples of my newborn or baby at home photography HERE & recently on the blog HERE : "Seeing Newborn at home photography Dublin in a new light" is a post describing how the light in your home, as well as your home itself, plays a part in making the family photography as emotive as possible.

I love to seek out places where there is dramatic natural light and to use features in your home to best effect.

Perhaps you have a favorite room, armchair, blanket. Your home is part of the story with your newborn & baby.

It takes about 1-2 weeks to view the best moments from your session in a professional online gallery with personalized cover picture. Now, you no longer need to pick & choose your favorite pictures, all my family packages come with the best moments from our time together, fully edited. Luxury hand crafted print products & albums are also available a la carte. My album designers do a great job designing your unique Folio professional album & pages.

I have found a range of luxury, handcrafted print products that include mounted print boxes, matted albums & fine art books. Digital images can be expertly printed at Dublin professional, gallery quality printers. I provide all the details. The mat prints are really popular with my families. There is a variety of options, and a la carte is always available

Best newborn photographer Dublin moments. I am an internationally published lifestyle & family photographer Dublin. My expertise is expressive child portraits and natural at home baby & newborn photography Dublin

Contact me to book your family session, Cara xx

natural baby at home dublin, all the family on sofa with baby girl, older brother, mum & dad

close up of newborn in mum's arms

natural newborn at home dublin with dad laughing at newborn on bed, and brother in background

little brother cuddling cat on sofa

newborn at home dublin with mum and newborn in her arms on sofa with little brother smiling at newborn girl

family portrait with mum holding newborn girl on sofa, soft window light

newborn laughing and gurgling on bed, blacl & white newborn portrait

little brother laughing out loud cuddling cat

dad playing with son on bed, family at home portrait dublin

baby portrait, baby in white vest on white bed spread

detail of baby feet

dad kissing newborn girl's feet

newborn girl on pink woolen blanket smiling

grandma holding baby girl by wondow light at home dublin


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